A guide to family camping with kids

Bonding with your kids over a campfire, roasting hotdogs, and making some more with the stars twinkling above can be a wonderful experience. But, if not well-prepared, it can be a stressful situation. Planning is essential to a successful family camping trip so that the whole family can have a good time. Your first camping trip can be in your backyard! A trial run will help you see how your kids sleep in a tent house.

Items like flashlight batteries, bug spray, sunscreen, sleeping bags, etc., are essential. Here are some other recommendations:

Pick the best campsite

There are likely campsites in your state, no matter where you live. Deciding the type of campsite depends on a few factors. When camping with kids, it should be all about the entertainment. Private campgrounds tend to have the most activities for families to do together. Activities like volleyball, pools, beaches, BBQ grills, theatres, and more are at many private campgrounds.

Choosing the tent

Camping with small children and toddlers requires a good night’s rest so that everyone can wake up refreshed and ready for the day’s activities. A tent house for kids is ideal for car camping and backpacking. Select something with easy in and out access and lots of storage space for toys, books, and tablets.

Plan activities

Do you want to go fishing? Stay someplace close to a river or lake and ensure you have your fishing permits or licenses. How about a nice, easy trail hike? Look for campsites with loop trails that are not too strenuous, with plenty of trail markers.

Bring toys and games

Yes, camping with kids is an excellent way to get them away from some of their everyday comforts, but toys and games are still necessary. Comfort 10-year-old toys like stuffed animals will help them sleep at night, while board or lawn games can be a perfect way to wind down after dinner.

Make it fun

Get crazy and creative with the tent house. Sleeping bags with your children’s favourite cartoon characters will get them jumping into bed. Stringed LED fairy lights will make the ultimate cosy getaway. Consider buying a special toy for your kids for bedtime. Make the tent feel comfortable, fun, and not scary at all. Carry your phone or digital camera for photography.

A packing list

Camping with kids is an entirely different ballpark than with adults. Extra changes of clothes, socks, shoes, batteries, books, and more should be on your list. Do you have toddlers coming along? Extra underwear or diapers are necessary when sleeping in a new environment. Of course, regular sunscreen, bug spray, food, and first aid kits are non-negotiables.

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