Exchange Shared Mailbox Transfer into Office 365

Several people are confused with the shared mailbox and public folder but let me clear both are different. Like Public folders are accessible to everyone in the organization, whereas a shared mailbox can be accessed by a specific person who has the permissions. Both are a necessity for business users, and that’s why several organizations are seeking a solution for Exchange shared mailbox transfer into Office 365 mailbox. However, it is not as easy as it sounds but with Shoviv Exchange to Office 365 Migration, one can effortlessly achieve this task and transfer their shared mailbox into Office 365. Several features are embedded in the tool, making it a reliable migration tool even for non-technocrats. 

  1. With this software, you can easily add several mailboxes, including public folders, archive mailboxes, user’s mailboxes, and shared mailboxes, to process them simultaneously. 
  2. You can look at your shared mailbox data before transferring them into Office 365 mailboxes and ensure data accuracy. 
  3. You’re not restricted by any type of mailbox size and adding numbers of mailboxes restrictions. 
  4. The software has filter options to provide an enhanced experience and desired results. The filter options are based on the include/exclude message class and date range basis. 

The software is laced with several other user-oriented features; to evaluate them, you’re suggested to install and using the free version.


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