How should the used physical doll be stored?

The price of physical dolls is not cheap, so when we make up our minds to buy Sex Dolls, we may need to consider how to store them.

Physical Real Love Doll are generally made of silicone or TPE material. If they are not stored properly, it may affect the experience or deteriorate. After all, soft silicone or synthetic resins are easy to age. So how we save is very important.

First of all, we must put it in a place that is more ventilated and breathable. If it is a place that is relatively humid or easily exposed to sunlight, it may cause the qualitative change of these silica gels, because it will age, which is very unfavorable.

Secondly, when we finish using these physical dolls to solve our own physiological problems, we must clean it, then dry it, and put it in a cool place to dry, not in the sun Direct exposure.

Finally, be sure to sterilize it after use, so that you not only clean the Love Doll, but also take responsibility for your own health.

No matter how professional we are with Sex Doll storage, we cannot ignore the importance of choosing a producer. A good supplier can not only make you feel at ease and happy when buying Inexpensive Sex Dolls, but High Quality Sex Doll can also prolong the service life of Sex Doll, which is very important.

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