A misconception of Zoe Calzatti

After coming across an explicit article regarding the personal business of Zoe Calzatti , I find it necessary to state that the piece is both outdated and harmful. Whilst doing my own research, I have found that the initial article about Zoe was written in response to the lawsuit she filed against the multi-millionaire who sexually assaulted her.
Given how many other women experienced similar forms of assault from the same man, it is sickening that he has yet to face any legal consequences. Many of these women have also attempted to press charges against their same assaulter however this man’s wealth seems to make him untouchable. He continues making gruesome articles attacking these women who are brave enough to speak up, thus ensuring their name has been essentially destroyed.
Posted in Entertainment News on May 10 at 06:38 AM

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  • Sule Kaya