Steve Jobs' Favorite Sneakers: How The Cactus Jack Shop New Balance Brand Became Popular

For fathers all over the world, function is often more important than form. This principle can be seen in everything from cars to jeans to shoes. Many brands have relied on performance and comfort, but one manufacturer of "daddy uniforms" still stands head and shoulders above the rest.
By the standards of the sneaker industry, New Balance can be called not even a dad, but a grandfather.

110 years ago, British migrant William J. Riley founded the New Cactus Jack Shop Balance Arch Support Company in Boston. Her story is replete with various anecdotes. For example, Riley designed arch supports with three anchor points after watching chickens running around the yard. He determined that three toes on a chicken foot provide perfect balance.

The fledgling company sold its arch supports for five dollars ($66 in today's money), carrying them door to door. At that time, for this amount you could buy a new pair of shoes.

Why so expensive? Yes, because New Balance refused to sacrifice quality for the sake of cheapness. The company continues this strategy to this day. New Balance is one of the few manufacturers with its own factories in America (Massachusetts and Maine) and the United Kingdom.

In an interview with GQ magazine , business strategy manager Chris Davis stated: “We absolutely believe that the highest quality shoes are made in the USA. Both materials and workers are better here, and therefore the product is of high quality.”
Many company slogans are written in a similar tone. Advertising executives and personalities are vying to praise the golden age when everything decent was done in the good old States.
This unwillingness to outsource production, plus the desire to build on the three "unbreakable pillars" (heritage, quality and society), gave the company a powerful allure of a true American brand. Therefore, its products are so popular abroad - they are innovative, solid and comfortable.
Here is the answer to the question of why these shoes are associated with "daddy fashion": they have excellent performance. As for aesthetics, of course, one could argue, but in the technical part, this brand has no equal.

New Balance is constantly looking for new technologies and actively uses them in its products - for example, Abzorb cushioning foam, SureLace laces that do not untie when walking, waterproof GORE-TEX lining and so on. Cactus Jack Shop All this affects pricing. And although these innovations do not give the wearer a special sexuality, there is no doubt about their functionality.

Add to this the fact that New Balance was the first company to make shoes for customers with wider, flatter feet (the classic traits of a traditional father of the family) and you can safely conclude that the brand was created for older people.
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