What Methods Do Businesses Use to Accept Payments?

Technology has transformed our lifestyle and the method of conducting processes, including payments. With increased online payments worldwide, it has become easy to facilitate consumer welfare and introduce contactless transactions. Use the mobile app or website for paying for the products or services as a customer.

When deciding to accept payments, it is essential to offer customers payment options. With the advancement in digital wallets and mobile payment applications, you need to ensure you have all the facilities to receive digital payments through QR codes, Bank Accounts, payment wallets, and other sources.

Card Payments

Enabling customers to pay with their Credit or Debit Card on your website helps you increase convenience. You must decide whether you want a dedicated Merchant Account or use an intermediary holding account to offer this feature. Choosing one method can mean different business processes and funding times, so research and determine the best option. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc., are some popular cards for payment.

Mobile Payments

Dipping a chip card, swiping a Credit Card, or entering a Credit Card number on a mobile device is becoming a norm for customers and businesses. They receive a payment confirmation and an emailed receipt instantly. You can buy and sell products online, access cash flow, manage customer accounts, and send invoices from anywhere using mobile payment apps.

Click-to-pay Email Invoicing

Email invoicing enables your customers to pay their bills online and receive a payment receipt in seconds. With a fully integrated experience, you securely streamline your reporting and manage data from email and web payment forms to your customer database.

Online Payment Gateway

Customers pay your business directly from the website by adding a simple online payment form. They create accounts to save their payment information for fast and secure recurring payments. Depending on your provider, you use the merchant app to customize the form to match your branding.

Recurring Billing

Staying organized is a concern for customers paying bills. By sending email reminders or providing them payment options for recurring invoices, you can make bill payments manageable, increase customer satisfaction, and ensure a reliable revenue system for your business.

Custom Mobile App

An existing mobile application offers both parties a seamless end-to-end experience. You enable secure card or net banking to accept payments directly within your online platform. Look for solutions to keep your customer data safe at every step of the transaction while complying with cyber laws.


Over time, technology and digitalization have replaced most activities worldwide. There is less dependence on labor than on machines, contributing to a cashless economy.

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