Why doesn't the Epson printer turn on?

There can be many answers to the question why the Epson printer does not turn on - but only a professional will give you the one that is faithful. 

Among the frequent reasons for contacting epson printer repair dubai masters is a problem such as a complete hardware failure that cannot even be turned on. Often, our customers turn for this reason: the Epson printer does not turn on, because the fuse or transistors on the formatter board fuse.

If such a problem occurs, after pressing the power button, even if the light comes on, the equipment does not respond to the command. Before starting epson printer repair, diagnostics are required. A professional verdict will help determine why the Epson printer does not turn on as soon as possible.

The cause of such a breakdown may be a short circuit, which disabled certain printer components (cartridge, printhead, etc.). Also, the coloring matter can fill the contact pads of the carriage, as a result of which the equipment cannot be turned on. Some questions will be answered by checking the control board, contacts, and connections.

The malfunction may be due to the fact that the cartridge requires refilling, the paper in the printing device is jammed, the fuse on the main board has failed.

Whatever the cause of the breakdown, the diagnosis of epson printer repair in Dubai is a matter for specialists with sufficient qualifications. Without wasting time on an independent search for a reason and not risking aggravating the situation due to ignorance of any nuances, contact a espson service center without delay. We will solve your problem!

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