How to stop sharing locations without them knowing? Find the answer below.

Do you often feel the urge to isolate yourself? People who become new parents are desperate to find a place to relax their minds for some time. However, does this location sharing feature in your phones ruin your plans? If you agree and wish to find the solution, this article is for you. We will share the easy steps to stop sharing your location. The icing on the top is that no one will know that you did it. Dont believe my words? Find out yourself in this article!


You may have heard about the term GPS. As per the name, Global Positioning System or GPS is responsible for sharing your location. If the GPS in your device is ON, It becomes easy to track you. Moreover, there is no other way to share your location without anyone knowing.


How to stop sharing locations without them knowing? Follow these tricks!

 * Instead of turning off the location, go to Airplane Mode. Turning to the Airplane mode will stop the internet services on your phones. That means there will be no internet. We all know that the location services work only with the internet. This is the safest method, and no one would suspect anything. You will see an airplane sign on the notification bar. You may turn it ON. Also, you may go to Settings on your phone and turn it ON.

* There is an exciting feature in Iphone regarding location sharing. According to this feature, you can include an application to share the location. You can go to your Iphone privacy option Location services Share my location. Now, you will see the list of applications included to share the location. You need to turn ON the “Share my location option” to stop sharing your location. Yes, it is not a typo! You need to enable it. Once enabled, your location sharing will get turned OFF without anyone noticing.

* Another feature included in Iphone is “Find my app.” This feature gives authorization to the user to share their location with family and friends. However, the user needs to add the family members first. But what if you dont add anyone to the list? This way, your location will remain ON, and no one could question it.

* Go to “Find my app” on your Iphone. You will see the list of members included to share the location with. However, if you do not wish to share it with anyone, kindly select the “Me” option at the bottom. Also, do not forget to turn off the “Share my location” option.

* Several devices are available in the market that can help turn off the location. You can visit any high-tech store and look for a GPS spoofer. Once you purchase it, you need to download it to your PC. This is how you will be able to stop sharing your location so that no one will know!


You can try these simple and easy steps to turn off the location on your device. Also, the steps are practical if you dont want anyone to know about this. I hope you find the article worth reading. Thank you and take care!

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