Thunder Cross Split Attack: What is it? You fell for it, fool!

When it comes to the meme world, you have got to know everything about the meme to enjoy it. However, if you are not a regular audience of Japanese manga, you may miss out on the thunder cross split attack. You fell for it, fool meme. Today, we present to you a complete history of this meme. Where did it all begin? Let’s get started: 


What is Thunder cross split attack?


To begin with, thunder cross split attack is a type of defense strategy used by a character in Jojo’s Bizarre adventure tv series. Dire, the antagonist in the tv series, uses a thunder cross split attack on Dio Brando. If you want to watch this particular episode, you have got to skip to the 38th chapter of the Manga series - Jojo’s Bizarre adventure. 


You can also view the 8th episode of the series to catch Dire using the phrase “Thunder cross split attack, you fell for it, fool!” in the tv series. You were wondering where to watch this series? Well! You can easily watch it on Netflix. 


Here’s a fun fact: do you know? According to the history of this attack, an attack like a thunder cross split attack reduces the power and strength of the opponent by 40%. Yet, of course, to understand what the thunder cross split attack is all about, you need to know about the plot of the series. Here is a glimpse of it. 


What is Jojo’s Bizarre adventure all about? 


For the most part, Jojo’s Bizarre adventure Japanese manga television series first aired on Japan’s channels in 2012. It has also recently been added to Netflix. So, you can watch it there. According to the plot of this Japanese manga, it follows the storyline of the Joestar Family. The series discloses in the beginning that each member of this family has some superpowers. However, there is a major twist. The backstory reveals that the Joestar family is a cursed bloodline. Henceforth, from time to time, they come across new and powerful enemies. In order to keep their bloodline on-going, the joestar family members often need to fight and conquer over. 


Is this series appropriate for kids? 


In simple words, the answer is NO. Jojo’s bizarre adventure Japanese manga series that depicts thunder cross split attack is not an appropriate series for kids. According to Netflix, it comes under the “R rated” category, which means it consists of disturbing images, sexual content, violence, superficial metaphors, and storylines. 


The international popularity of the show began with a thunder cross split attack. You fell for it, fool meme. On the web, the show has an 8.5 rating out of 10, which makes it a worthy tv series to follow up on Netflix. You can also binge-watch 164 episodes of the series for excessive adventure. 


Do you know? On youtube alone, Thunder cross split attack video has over 2 billion views. This is some hardcore meme popularity, isn’t it? 




So, are you ready to converse your weekend completely satisfying with a pinch of action and adventure? Stream now! For more information on the forthcoming episodes of Jojo’s adventure series, keep us in your bookmark! Get instant updates about movies, tv shows, Japanese mangas, Korean dramas, and so on. Thank you!

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