Bad System Config Info- Simple Ways to Solve the Error

If you are a windows system user and use your laptop/pc extensively, then you must have faced the error of flawed system config info. This is quite a standard error that makes your system crash suddenly with a blank blue screen. The blue screen comes with an error that states Bad System Config Info.

Facing the issue of this error can hamper your work, and you may also lose unsaved data. 

Here, we are going to share/disclose some simple yet effective tips/methods via which you can solve the Bad system config info quickly.

1- Clean up the System

The first thing that one should try after getting the Bad system config info is the clean up their system to decrease the workload. A lot of times, a PC with a heavy load slows down. Moreover, it is essential to keep the computer drives clean and not occupy the entire space. Hence, to bring standard functionality to your system, the first thing that one should do is clean up their drives. However, if you already have a free and empty system, then you can skip this step.

2- Install Apt Anti-virus and Run Regular Check-Ups  

Another important thing that you must keep in mind is installing a good and reliable antivirus on your system and making sure that it is on active mode. If you surf the internet on a regular basis, then your system becomes prone to a lot of viruses and malware. Hence, for your system's smooth and safe operation, you must get an authentic antivirus installed on your PC/laptop.

3- Apt Diagnoses

Here, one needs to get your system/laptop through an accurate diagnosis. This can help you immensely sort out the flawed system config info. Moreover, it can also help you to narrow down other issues that your system might be going through. However, there is a significant clause with this method. Not many system operators are aware of this, but many fake/fraudulent Microsoft systems are installed on PCs and laptops.

The fake Microsoft is quite common as it is way cheaper than the authentic and legit one. So, if by any chance you are aware of your system's authenticity, then you can't opt for it. This is because you can only put your system through the diagnoses if you have a legit Microsoft version.  

4- Update the Drivers and the Software

To sort out the issue of flawed system config info, you can also try to update the drivers and software too. If you are not keeping the drivers updated, then there are ample chances that your system is going through a lot of errors. The key here is to keep your plan on automatic updates. With the help of these updates, you can ensure a smooth and safe operation of your PC/laptop. Moreover, these windows updates of drivers and software will also add on some new features that you can use to enhance your system experience. 

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