Your Safe Smart Home: How to Protect Yourself from Hacks

Your Safe Smart Home: How to Protect Yourself from Hacks

To me, a smart home means convenience. I love that I can access most systems that run my home directly from my phone. From my locks, to my lights, my security system – heck, even my water fountain can all be controlled by a few taps on my phone.To get more news about electronic safe lock, you can visit official website.

I love the convenience it’s brought to my personal life as well as my job sites. There’s a reason I’ve been talking about this stuff for a few years now – and that’s because I’ve seen how valuable they can be – and they’re products that I completely trust.
We’ve been using smart locks on our sites and in our homes for a few years. For me on the job site, I like being able to monitor when my subtrades show up and activate their digital keys. It shows me if they’re people who follow their word. I like it when someone says they’re going to show up on the job site at nine am, and I see their digital key was activated at ten to nine.

For moms like Sherry, when she welcomed Cali to the family, she had people stopping by all the time to drop off gifts and meet her. If Sherry couldn’t always be there, she could provide a digital key to her guests to drop off a package, and revoke their keys when the job was done.

If you have a cottage or other unit that you offer for short-term rentals, smart locks are a great addition to the property. You’ll be able to provide your renters with a temporary digital key for the length of their stay. Once they’ve left, you can revoke their access and ensure that they remembered to lock the door after they left. When installed properly, a smart lock is generally safe against hacking – and it will be just as secure as any traditional lock. When paired with other door security items like a good deadbolt (which Schlage Canada locks provide) and kick plate – that door is going to stand strong.

Smart locks integrate with your home security system for added peace of mind. In the Schlage smart locks that I install on my sites, there is a built-in alarm as well so if someone is trying to enter by hacking away at the lock, the alarm will go off.

Of course, your smart home can be so much more than just a way to lock and unlock your door. Depending on how much tech you get, you can likely control almost all major functions of your home directly to your phone.

Smart thermostats to learn your habits so that it can more efficiently heat your home, without wasting excess energy
Smart appliances like refrigerators, washers, dryers can help you make more efficient decisions with your energy usage
Smart lights can allow you to set your lights to turn on and off – even during times you’re out of the house for extended periods to make it look like you’re still home.
What I love about the smart home revolution is that it provides more equal access to a lot of features of the home.

What do I mean by that? Well, as we age, we may come to rely on mobility devices like wheelchairs and walkers, and we can’t as easily hit a light switch in an awkward area over a countertop, or as easily reach the buttons on our washers and dryers.

When we can control these functions via phone or tablet, it helps keep them as usable as possible, even if our accessibility needs change.

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