Best Practices for UX/UI in Healthcare Website Design in 2022


User experience design is all about how we use it and how we create a website that affects how users feel. As a UX designer, it’s our responsibility to create the best visuals, content, and structure for a website with an amazing user experience. For the greater success of your UX design, you need to understand your users. You need to create things according to your customer or patients needs if you want to create a successful user experience design.

User experience designer’s needs to understand what patients want from a healthcare web design and build a user experience that will meet these expectations. Patients should be easily navigated and find the things they’re looking for. Nobody likes the poor design and user experience.

Here are some steps or practices you should use while UX your healthcare or pharma website:-

  1. Landing Page Experience: - Nobody likes a landing page that contains too much content filled with unnecessary topics which are not helpful for users. The first impression is the last impression and if your website made a negative first impression on users, there are very less chances that they will visit your website again. By using your UX design you need to outsmart your health industry competitors and generate more visits. By using your creativity you can a background gif/video or any mouse over animation on your landing page or homepage. Always try to be minimal & interesting at the same time.
  2. Design Should Concentrate on User Experience: - Always try to make your website experience and appearance memorable. If they remember something good about your website, their chances of coming back to your website are very high. Always focus on big as well as small points like Graphics, layout, text, navigational options, buttons, calls to action, and interactive elements, etc. and work in detail on each and every step. UX design is the combination of application and web work, so each and every step is important and all need the same energy and effort during designing. Visual and interactive qualities are now more focused by designers to outsmart their competitors.
  3. Business goals are a part of the UX process: - Always take into consideration of your business strategy while designing or redesigning your website. Your brand name is the most important thing, so you should consider that while creating content for your users or visitors. A healthcare app development company or team needs to understand your business goals before designing your website to achieve success. While redesigning a website always look for improvement in the existing design or content instead of creating new. Identify the types of actions users do on your healthcare app development company website and keep improving them to improve your user visits as well as Google search ranking.


You should create an emotional connection between your product and users by using your health website. You need to use both user experience and user interface to achieve your product’s success. The user interface should be easy to use and easy to navigate using proper visuals, graphics, text, etc. for your visitors. Be discoverable, Useful, Usable, trustworthy, transparent, and efficient. Content should be original that visitors trust what you tell them.

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