Nature Beholds Beauty – The Valley of Flowers Trek

It is always difficult for a working mother to spend much time with her kids, yet every mother wants to teach her kids the best. My twins are ten years old and, I wanted them to learn to respect mother nature as much as they respect me. Therefore, I considered valley of flowers trek apt for us. It might be my emotional side as an artist but, I wonder if the world will stay as artistic as it now is in my eyes.  

A few years back, I shifted to Delhi with my husband, and as my kids have been born and brought up in Delhi, they don’t get to see much of the life outside the metro. We started our journey to valley of flowers trek from Delhi and reached Govindghat from where our trekking started. 

We chose to go for the valley of flowers trek in August when the flowers have fully bloomed, and the valley looked fascinating. We started to trek in the morning to reach Ghangharia in time. We saw helicopters, brooks and, an unending forest accompanying us while we were on our way up.  

As we were getting closer to Ghangharia, the upcoming views got more awesome. The trek was too rejuvenating because of the incredible views of hills full of vegetation standing tall on both sides. When we looked ahead, we couldn’t wait to see the next best sight it could offer. It was hard to wait for the next day to go to the valley of flowers. 

The next day we were headed to the valley of flowers and, it was approximately 4 kilometers away from Ghangharia. We had left at around 7 a.m. for valley of flowers trek so, we reached there at around 10:30 a.m. The pathway had beautiful sights to offer: different plants to gawk at and some rivers to cross. We crossed the fast-flowing Pushpawati river on a metallic bridge.  

We trekked patiently on our way to the destination; the views were so breathtakingly beautiful that they were worth every moment we spent stopping and admiring. My kids were cheerful when they spotted flowers on our way already. We were in complete awe to see the beauty of the valley and, we could see so many colors of flowers, we hardly even knew the name of a lot of them and their shades as well. 

The kids looked happy as they felt at home in that gorgeous valley. I had already heard a lot about the exceptional views offered by the valley of flowers, yet it didn’t fail to amaze me with more than the words found in its praise.  

I plan on coming again to this valley of flowers trek from Delhi, but this time as a whole family so no one misses the live view of that adventurous wonderland.

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