How do I talk to a human at PayPal?

PayPal is an online service that provides a convenient way to transfer money. You can send and receive money online for products and services.

When You Use PayPal for an Online Payment Method, it is quite common to have problems with your payment system. If you are a PayPal user, and you need PayPal Customer Support, you can contact them through Phone, Email, and Live Chat.

To Contact PayPal Customer Service Number, You Can Call PayPal Customer Service Phone Number (1-888-221-1161) Using the Phone Number Associated with your PayPal Account. It will rapidly be associated with a delegate. All you need is the last four digits of your social security number.


Through this phone line, you can get instant help from billing issues, account issues, and fraud charges.


You can Call PayPal Customer Service over the Phone, or Use the PayPal Resolution Center and Message Assistant. The PayPal Help Center is filled with Articles on almost every PayPal Topic, and also allows you to Chat Online with a Representative.

 How do I Contact PayPal Resolution Center?

To Contact PayPal Resolution Center, You Need to Go Contact Us Page on PayPal. You Can Use Message Assistant to Chat a Representative on PayPal, You Need to Click on “Message us” Option. 


You will be prompted to enter your issue in the chat window, Describe Your Issue in Detail and Wait for the Response. You Can Resolve Your Issue directly at the PayPal Resolution Center.


If you wish to file a complaint, You Need to send an email to PayPal Customer Service Email Department, for your complaints and problems, visit PayPal’s email page and log in to send email.

Now PayPal does not currently support PayPal customer service chat. But, if you are not comfortable calling them, you can use an alternative method to contact them. You can go to the contact page of the PayPal website, and email them.

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