A few examples of common essay topics

It is worth remembering that the text of the essay is still not the terms of the former once popular poetic writing, it categorically begins with the words: "I want to tell ..." But not a huge work that begins with a long introduction. With a short first phrase, we replace half of the entire introduction mentioned. Of course, there are no universal options, but options that start with the words: "Despite ..., we are talking about ...", "although so much has passed since such and such a period, such and such a problem remains relevant now."

If you have to write an essay on a general topic, for example, "why journalism is a calling for you" or "why do you need journalism", etc. Least of all is expected of you a story about the romance of business trips. This is where you need help and https://bidforwriting.com/ will be a great help in writing. Irregular working hours are a routine for which you must be prepared and go deliberately.
It should also be clear from the essay that you follow the latest events and news. You need to look at https://bidforwriting.com/case-study how beautifully many authors write it and then you can practice it yourself. Think about what the main task of your work can be for you, what is the mission of a journalist.
In addition to your ability to logically construct your thoughts and keep abreast of events, you may come across topics that reveal your professional knowledge as a journalist. You need to be ready for this too. By taking advantage of https://bidforwriting.com/write-my-paper you can develop this topic. But you must be prepared for what topic you will develop. For example, you may be interested in what types of interviews you like best and why.So, to summarize, we can advise the following:

the chosen topic must be disclosed,

the composition assumes the beginning, culmination and ending (conclusion),

follow your style and handwriting (if the text is handwritten),

the author's position is important, but do not try to predict what they want to see from you, as a rule, it looks ridiculous,

present the material in a logical manner,

simplicity is encouraged: one thought equals one sentence (phrase),

do not choose stamped phrases, but also do not oversaturate the text with ornate turns,

do not touch what you do not know, indicate only those dates in which you are 100% sure,

proportionality and common sense are the key to successful volume. Of course, it should be at least three pages of typewritten text, but more than 8 is already overkill.

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