How to Create Ringtones for iPhone with Latest Ringtone Maker

Although the iPhone comes with some of the most important and very quality sounds that you can use as ringtones, it is precisely for this reason that they are similar to other sounds. are also choosing, and you can hardly tell which is my phone ringing. If you want to memberize my phone In a style that many other consumers don't take time to practice, then you can absolutely use a song to set my iPhone ringtone.

Unlike printing like when buying ringtones on iTunes Store, this is completely free. And unlike the huge variety of free ringtones that you can completely download, they are all membershipized and use your favorite tunes.

The process of creating iPhone ringtones is also relatively straightforward and straightforward for most device tasks, as Apple doesn't include a built-in method for setting up your existing songs as ringtones. You'll need to use an app combination with my computer and follow a few steps to convert the songs you want into ringtones for my iPhone. However, once you know the method of making iPhone ringtones, you can completely implement it conveniently and simply and simply for many songs and set custom ringtones for all phone numbers. phone in my contacts.
Or you can also download the ringtone directly here:

Details on how to set ringtones from favorite songs for iPhone

Access the App Store on iPhone and install 2 apps, respectively, Garage Band and Ringtones Maker.

After setting up both applications, start Ringtones Maker, click ” ” and select “Upload from PC”.

The application will create a web server from the iPhone and serve the address for you to use the computer to link and download songs.

Open a web browser on your computer and query for the IP address that the application serves.

Then click on “Upload file” and navigate to the song file you have already prepared on your computer.

Once the upload is complete, close your web browser and switch to the Ringtones Maker interface on iPhone. Now you will see the song I just downloaded is available in the administration and operation interface of the application.

At this point, press "Kep" to switch to the interface of choosing your favorite song to use as a ringtone. Here you can completely control and adjust the short length of the audio track, followed by the intro and lost In the style of gradually getting bigger and smaller to avoid being harsh, causing very uncomfortable inspiration. After clicking save you will see a new file in the list and you can completely rename this file for easy understanding.

After you have finished customizing the piece of music you like as a ringtone, click "Make" below the song.

A list of options appears, click “Garage Band”.

The Garage Band application will appear and you will go through a few steps to start the application, next you will see the song in the Garage Band song list. Now, hold down and select “Share”.

Click on the "Ringtone" option in the list.

You will proceed to the setting of song naming, next this will be the process of exporting the song as a ringtone for iPhone.

When you're done, just go to Settings > Sound & touch > Ringtones and tap on the name of the song I just exported to make your iPhone ringtone.

Very plain and simple, isn't it?
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