Portable construction waste plant price

The portable crushing plant for construction waste treatment is composed of crushing machinery, screening machinery and auxiliary devices. The difference from various forms of fixed construction waste treatment production lines is that these mechanical devices are installed on one or more special chassis. Portable construction waste treatment production line has been widely used in various fields such as ore crushing and construction waste treatment in China.

[applicable material]: construction waste

[application field]: treatment and recycling of urban construction waste and construction of roads and bridges

[equipment configuration]: impact portable crushing station and portable screening station

Portable construction waste treatment production line process

After pretreatment, the construction waste generated after blasting demolition of buildings reaches the particle size that can enter the crusher, it is sent to the vibrating feeder by excavator, the small waste is discharged after pre screening by the feeder, the large waste is fed into the impact crusher for crushing, and the iron separator is placed above the impact breaking discharge belt conveyor to separate the reinforcement in the construction waste, After that, the materials enter the portable screening station for screening, the large materials return to the impact breaking cycle for crushing, and the small materials are transported to each finished product pile by belt conveyor.

Performance of portable construction waste treatment production line

In addition to the feeding system, crushing system, screening system and conveying system, the portable production line is equipped with self-sufficient power unit according to the mobility of portable operation. According to different crushing and screening processes, the structure of the equipment is also different.

1. Improve the utilization rate of equipment, have good mobility and extend with the site;

2. Save production cost: reduce the high cost of construction waste transportation;

3. Convenient for supporting installation: save installation foundation cost and installation adjustment manpower;

4. Convenient maintenance: it can be directly consigned to the repair shop for maintenance;

5. Simplify the production process: move forward with the mining face, simplifying the transportation link.

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