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New World rolls back EU servers

After Amazon Games gave some players 300,000 New World Gold due to problems, it just rolled back New World’s Central European server for a few hours.

After a long maintenance period, the rollback was announced. A few hours after the problem was issued, the entire server went down. According to Amazon Game Studios, it was initially to compensate players who bought a lot of New World Gold due to tax losses.

After Amazon Game Studios released the latest patch, EU servers implemented a separate database modification to provide free New World Gold to players affected by in-game tax losses since the feature release in November. However, this database change incorrectly awarded an enormous amount instead of the expected amount.

Unsurprisingly, some players discovered this problem and then used it for personal gain. They often buy large quantities of items from trading post. Although Amazon Game Studios is looking for ways to correct the error, and the only option is to roll back the server before the database changes take effect.

Although the server is now backed up, the trading post has to be disabled because this particular database takes longer to update. Amazon Game Studios is already doing this work. Once completed, the trading post will reopen. This does not require a patch, but may require a brief restart.

Although New World has solved the faults one by one during this period, there will be additional problems. Fortunately, Amazon Game Studios has been actively responding and repairing. This makes many New World players feel at ease, so their desire to buy New World Gold has not diminished. IGGM recently did a 5% depreciation campaign on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, and the discount code is “Thanks”. Players in need can go to consult.


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