Why Casinos Without A Swedish License Are Becoming Popular

Right after the introduction of online casino limits in Sweden, casinos without Swedish licenses have become very popular. Since 2018, the government of Sweden has instituted limits on the amount of deposit that a casino player can put into their account. Unfortunately, this has inconvenienced those who want to have fun on the internet. Also, there is the 3-second wait between pulls that slows down slot players in the country. This has discouraged many people from playing in Swedish casinos as it interferes with the speed of their game. In the end, those restrictions are forcing people to find other playing avenues such as casinos without a Swedish license.

Read on to discover the reasons why casinos without a Swedish license are becoming popular:

• No weekly deposit limit. The weekly deposit limit in a Swedish casino is about 500 euros. This amount is not enough especially for an avid player who spends hours gambling in an online casino. That is why many people are moving to casinos without Swedish licenses as they can play their favorite casino games without any hindrance at all. However, if you are falling into problem addiction, you can always self-exclude using tools provided by the site.

• Multiple bonuses and offers. Swedish casinos are only allowed to give you a welcome bonus that should not exceed 10 euros. On the other hand, casinos without a Swedish license can give you a welcome bonus of any amount. Also, you will receive other types of bonuses such as no deposit bonus, free spins, cash backs, insured bets, VIP programs and weekly bonuses. All these will add to the experience while at the same time reducing the amount of money that you spend in the casino.

• Wide choice of games. If you join a casino without a Swedish license, you are bound to get a wide range of game choices. This is very important as it can enable you to choose a game that you love and enjoy playing. Each game in an online casino comes with a variety of features and offers. In casinos without a Swedish license, you will never be disappointed by the deck of games available.

• Easy registration process. Casinos without Swedish licenses are easy to join when compared to the Swedish casinos. If you find a Play N Play casino, you can just play without registration. This saves you time as you do not have to undergo through the registration process but instead, head straight to playing the game.

• There is no 3-second rule. The main role of the 3-second rule is to ensure that players are gambling in one casino at any given time. The rule states that players must wait for 3 seconds before the next pull at a slot game. However, when you go to non Swedish casinos, this rule is not there and players can enjoy slots at a speed of their choice.


A casino utan svensk licens is likely to attract more players as it does not have the strict regulations seen in their Swedish counterparts. If you move to them, you will have more freedom and options to play your favorite casino game.
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