Are two masks better than one?

Are two masks better than one?

Not only is wearing a mask a protective measure for people until they get a vaccine, newer recommendations now suggest wearing double masks can enhance protection.To get more news about type IIR mask factory, you can visit official website.

Double masking has been grabbing headlines of late in recent months, especially in the USA, which is still recording a high number of infections. Many using homemade masks are opting to use this feature as a way to safeguard themselves.
The use of double masks against COVID-19 follows up a recent study by the CDC, which found out that meticulate measures such as these were able to control transmission rates.

While even single masks lead to reduction of transmission in COVID-19, double masks could offer strengthened protection.For the study, researchers placed two models six feet apart to check how many particles were released from one and inhaled by the other.

It was observed that when the models wore one mask, it blocked 40% of those particles. In comparison to this, a double-mask strategy was able to block over 80% of transmission and spread of particles.

The best results were observed when a fitted cloth mask was used over a surgical mask, which curbed the transmission rate by a good percentile.Apart from the recent clinical study done by the CDC, double masking may actually exemplify the statement- more the merrier, albeit, in some cases.
Medically speaking, using additional layers, or masks can create a tougher barrier which will stop germs and viruses from creeping in and spreading infections. It can also do a better job in reducing contagiousness of any infection.
Considering the recent studies which have detailed the infectiousness of newer COVID strains and mutations, it might be a strong preventive plan to adopt.The ones who will benefit the most out of double masking will be the ones who face the most dangers, right at the frontline. Healthcare workers, sanitation workers, essential staff, who are in contact with a lot of people on a daily basis have been practising the trend for a long time.
Double masking is also recommended if you are unsure about the quality, or usability of the mask you have.That being said, a mask (or two) would benefit only if you use it right. Simply said, if your masks keep your nose and mouth uncovered, or there's still room for germs to crawl in, it serves zero protection.

Therefore, one of the most critical things to ensure while layering up masks would be to see if your nose and mouth are well-covered, and there's no porous, open space for the virus to come in contact.

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