BVB: So Dortmund could compensate for the personnel dies in the storm - three variants in front of the DFB

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Before the DFB Cup game against FC Ingolstadt (from 8 pm in the live ticker), BVB has acute stormy. In addition to Platzhirsch Erling Haaland, the two first sparemens Donyell is probably painting and Yousoufa Moukoko on Tuesday evening. How could coach Marco Rose now set up his team?

For weeks, the personalage is tense at Borussia Dortmund. Even before the unequal cup duel with second division Ingolstadt, the hopes fulfilled on a comeback of one or other last-stripped stars.

The good news is that no player has injured in Bielefeld. But nobody does not come back, Trainer Marco Rose announced at the press conference before the title of the title chest.

At the latest 3: 1 success at Arminia Bielefeld, BVB had missed nine (!) Professionals. There are four games in the next country break in mid-November in twelve days.

BVB expire offensive the options

Particularly painful is the failure of Torjäger Erling Haaland, who is hardly replaced in the storm center. On the recent speculation, after which the Norwegian could fail at least December, Rose did not want to participate.

We need to get used to a few gaming days. That s why we do not need to come around. He is sure to be insane for us. But we do not have to put everything upside down and reinvent ourselves, said the 45-year-old.

Problem: The alternatives for the center of attack are expected to be at least against Ingolstadt. New addition Donyell Painting has captured a gastrointestinal infection, Yousssoufa Moukoko is not completely on the dam after a stubborn muscle injury.

So Rose has to improvise to bring a powerful offensive on Tuesday. The following three variants are available:

BVB variant 1: Return to 4-3-1-2 with two half-backers

Until 2: 1 victory at Besiktas in the Champions League mid-September, Rose trusted some time on a system with two storms plus playmakers. Will he return there?

Against Ingolstadt, but also in the following encounters, the bottleneck on the nine may be laminated by operating two flexible offensive all-rounders such as Marco Reus and Thorgan Hazard nominell as an attacker, but repeatedly rejoicing and thus create space for retrieval players.

At all a Jew Bellingham, with his dynamic Solos likes to introduce the last third, including Julian Brandt over the past few weeks more goal danger. You could swap the positions with Reus, Hazard and Co. again and again.

Borussia Dortmund vs. FC Ingolstadt | Full Game | DFB-Pokal 2. Round

BVB variant 2: Condition at 3-4-2-1 with false nine or midstorm Tigges

In Bielefeld Rose left his elf with triple chain, fast railway players on the wings and a three-seater in the forefront. As a spearhead, Donyell acted painting, which is missing against Ingolstadt but probably.

If the coach stops on the system, two options remained for the vacant center-door position: either one of the Allrounders (Reus, Hazard, Brandt, Wolf, Reusier) would have to be the wrong nine ran, or Rose gives the last a little forgotten U23- Knipser Steffen Tigges a probation chance.

Steffen Tigges against Bielefeld in action

After a violation, the 23-year-old was tedious again on the professional team, against the Arminia, he was recently involved as a joker 24 minutes. Does his big hour beat in the cup?

BVB variant 3: Change to 4-3-3 with Reaching Attack Trio

Four times Borussia Dortmund ran in the 2021/2022 season so far in classical 4-3-3. In the previous week the formation at 0: 4 was, however decrypted at Ajax Amsterdam, especially on the defensive flanks the weak points of the system were obvious.

In addition, a 4-3-3 has without a graduation strong target player like Haaland too little impact. Here, too, Tigges would be an option, just as likely, however, seems a rochierendes trio that will bring the opposing defensive composite through constant position change from the concept.

but compared to Option 1 and 2, this approach might be the most unlikely. Ruled he is not yet, after all, is likely to Ingolstadt and are extremely low to be an offensive orientation, like the 4-3-3 alternative.

Rose himself all the way has kept open. It is certainly possible that we will return to the back four, he revealed before the Cup match on Tuesday. Crucial was at the end but not the system but the appropriate setting.

His message: Just getting ahead count - injury problems or not.

Heiko Lükehus

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