Path of Exile Scourge has been released on consoles today

Path of Exile Scourge has been available on PC for a few days now, and will land on game consoles today. On the PC, the circulation of Path of Exile hit a new high, with the highest number of simultaneous online users reaching 254,570, which is 96% of the historical high. In addition to the initial feedback and preparations for the host release, the Path of Exile team has some new activities coming soon.

With the release of Scourge, there have been too many twists and turns along the way. The team is currently paying close attention to the remaining performance data released by the PC, and has noticed some balance changes and other ongoing fixes.

One problem mentioned by the player is that the deformation bar on the Path of Exile Scourge item is not obvious enough, you need to hover the mouse over it to view it, so this will change. Blood Crucible may also need to make some changes to make its status more visible, so when it is full, expect some adjustment to make it more clear. When the player wants to kill, don't want to miss the opportunity to Buy Chaos Orbs.

The console launch is scheduled for Wednesday, October 27th at 7pm Eastern Time, with downtime starting around 3pm Eastern Time. That is today, game players can experience its charm.

On Thursday, the Path of ExileTwitch channel will host the Twitch Rivals Royal Tournament. This time the contestants will compete POE Currency, but if they survive to the last game, there will be a boss fight to be solved. There is also a $30,000 pot online, and Twitch Drops are opened for viewers. 

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