How to Manually Configure Yahoo Mail on Outlook?

You can configure your Yahoo Mail account on any email client like Outlook using Yahoo Mail POP and SMTP settings for Outlook. This section will lead you in configuring Yahoo pop settings using POP and SMTP server settings.  


  1. On Outlook, click the 'Add New Account' dialog box.
  2. Then, choose the POP or IMAP settings.
  3. Now, enter your name and email address.
  4. Further, select the Yahoo Mail POP settings Outlook option from the 'Account Type' menu.
  5. Enter the addresses of an incoming and outgoing mail server and fill the 'Logon Information' section.
  6. Next, click the 'More Settings' button.
  7. Enter the 'Incoming Port' number and 'Outgoing Port' number and click 'OK.'
  8. Continue with the remaining instructions to complete the setup.
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