The slow rise of steel prices affects the stainless steel wire mesh industry

Under the influence of higher raw material iron ore prices, higher ex-factory quotations from key steel mills, and a decline in market inventory, steel market prices have risen 0.4% and have been rising slightly, while construction steel prices have risen a little more. The steel market was not very stable last week, and the decline in the output of the iron and steel industry has a certain impact on prices. To get more news about Stainless Steel Spiral Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt, you can visit official website.
In recent days, there have been many high-temperature and rainy weather, construction projects around the country can not operate normally, affecting the normal construction, thus greatly reducing the demand for steel. The price rise in the steel market is not expected to be very good.

The price of steel is affected, and it is also affected to a certain extent for the stainless steel products factory in our city. first of all, with the increase in the cost of raw materials, the price of stainless steel products is bound to be adjusted upwards, and users are very sensitive to the price. Therefore, it has a certain impact on the sales of stainless steel products such as stainless steel wire mesh and screen.
304 stainless steel wire mesh has good corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance and other characteristics, and is widely used in the filtration industry of all walks of life. Various deep-processed stainless steel products are also widely used, such as 304 stainless steel filter barrels, stainless steel filter discs, stainless steel screens, stainless steel food grade filters, etc., widely used in the filtration of rubber, pharmaceutical, food and filtration machinery industries.

304 stainless steel wire mesh is widely used and popular. The product is reasonable in price and has competitive advantages; it is widely used and suitable for all walks of life and can meet people's daily work needs; it has a long service life and is easy to use.
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