Do you know about the screen printing of glass?

It's the same principle as screen printing, the ink is printed on the surface of the glass, and then the curing measures of the ink are adopted to make the printed pattern firm and durable. The process flow is as follows: stretching mesh → sizing → drying → printing down → developing → drying; Plate glass → cutting → edge polishing → cleaning and drying → printing; Sintering.To get more news about Stainless steel filter wire mesh, you can visit official website.
1. Suitable for printing glass
It can be regular shape or irregular shape, and then the chamfer is grinded, cleaned and dried for use. Special care should be taken here that there should be no water stains on the glass surface.

2. Screen printing mesh selection

The screen plate used for glass printing is the same as the general screen plate, glass silk printing plate selection of synthetic fiber screen, stainless steel wire mesh, natural fiber screen. When printing general colors, the screen can be, generally choose cheap synthetic fiber screen. Mesh specifications generally 270 ~ 300 mesh. As gold and silver decoration, can’t choose stainless steel wire mesh.
3. Selection of mesh frame

At present, the more regular, small deformation of the mesh frame is aluminum alloy, its size should be larger than the pattern, the specific size should be the pattern of the outer edge of the mesh frame should be between 70 ~ 100mm. In addition, the choice of mesh frame, its strength is very important, the key is the horizontal direction of the rigid enough.

4. Stretching mesh

Selects the screen printing and the mesh frame, combines the two, this is the stretching mesh. There are many ways to stretch the mesh. Manual, motor and pneumatic methods can be adopted. At present, the more advanced stretch high quality screen plate is pneumatic stretch screen machine. The stretch of the mesh is uniform, the mesh's warp and weft lines are kept vertical, and the mesh glue should be firm and can not be relaxed.

5. The printing

Plate glass printing machine has manual, semi-automatic, automatic several types. Manual printing machine is suitable for small batch, small specifications of flat glass. Semi-automatic and full-automatic printing machines are suitable for large quantities and large specifications of multi-color printing, with the advantages of accuracy and speed. The largest semi-automatic printing press can print glass in the size of 2000×1500mm. Automatic printing presses are generally used for printing car windshields.

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