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2021 Latest Clean Nike Air Max 97

With Nike Air Max 97 ushering in its 25th anniversary, from traditional to modern, Nike Air Max 97 is rich in color. Recently, Christian Tresser's iconic design is dominated by white. The logo of the midfoot and the outsole choose a combination of navy blue and red, which is overshadowed by the multi-color shape, occupying the pull tabs on the tongue and heel. The full-length Air Max on the sole of the foot maintains a simple off-white hue, while the retro "Nike" injects another color through the sock liner. Although Nike SB looked forward to the future of this sport that only recently joined the Olympics, it did not quickly forget the past because it designed a striking blue and white match for Force 58's silhouette. The textile and fabric structure of the upper recalls the silhouette of Nike Bruin (redesigned for skateboarding) while still feeling fresh.

Jordan 2020 Release With the end of "Space Big Jam: A New Legacy", LeBron left the big screen and returned to the court with his new signature, LeBron No. 19, wearing the latest black jersey. Unlike the movie that premiered with the movie, this couple is very low-key. The black lace wraps the darker tongue, and its decoration seems to be silver. The tip of lace follows, while buildings elsewhere prefer to be consistent with performance standards. Durable synthetic fiber wraps most of the upper, and its sides and heel are further reinforced by what looks like TPU. As a result, the sole provides a similar gloss and coloration, despite the added cushioning developed by Nike.The midsole gives up any energetic blue talent and likes most of the white makeup, with a flexible outsole, with a great sense of board and grip.

Classic works are rarely defeated. Although New Release Yeezy has been working hard, this still applies. Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 is a good example. Recently, this shoe has returned with a new fan favorite color scheme. This latest version leans more towards the former. It is an aggressive blue called "Fadazu". "Fadazu" is probably an abbreviation for "faded sky blue", and it is not completely unfamiliar. For example, this tool is reminiscent of "inertia" and provides a similar orange color on top of gray. The above is the place for the color palette, because it deviates seriously from the soft cool tones mentioned earlier. Instead, a brighter aqua blue is eye-catching, dyed most of the suede panels and mesh inserts along the edges and collar. Then, darker and darker tones increase the contrast of the toes, and draw a successful conclusion to the follow-up products that will be officially launched.
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