Lacoste Is Revamping the Shirt You Loved in High School

Lacoste Is Revamping the Shirt You Loved in High School

For many millennials, the middle and high school years were filled with interesting fashion choices. We tied belts around our midsections that served no real purpose. We embraced unflattering designs like low-rise jeans and bubble skirts (the latter of which, unfortunately, might be making a comeback). And a handful of us kept a polo or five in our weekly rotation, which we more than likely bought from Lacoste. Now the iconic brand — which has continued to keep the shirt in stock — is revamping it, swapping out the tiny crocodile logo for other animals for a very good cause.Get more news about lacoste polo shirts outlet,you can vist!

May 22 is the International Day for Biological Diversity and to celebrate, Lacoste is working to bring awareness to threatened species. Both online and in nine different locations around the world, instead of selling its usually croc polos, Lacoste will swap out the animal for 10 others that are currently endangered. Each store will have its own animal, such as the North Atlantic Right Whale (New York) and the Iberian Lynx (Paris), and the amount of these limited-edition shirts will match the number of animals that are known to remain in the wild.

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