ADHD: Taking The Natural Approach

ADHD is an acronym that you may have heard about a lot, especially if you are around many kids and parents. These 4 letters stand for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, a disorder where the person exhibits impulsive and hyperactive behaviors that are way beyond the normal levels. They are usually detected during childhood but may last until the person grows into a full adult.

Treating adhd without medication treatment involves various approaches including giving medicines. Despite that, some parents prefer the natural approach like treating ADHD without medication. But before you go searching for a natural ADHD supplement, it is vital to understand the situation of your kid from the perspective of professionals. This will help you make decisions that would be most beneficial for your child.

Proper Assessment and Diagnosis Are Essential

There are common signs and symptoms that you can see in individuals with ADHD like the ones mentioned below:

• The person is unable to concentrate on the activity or task.
• He/she gets distracted easily.
• The individual often forgets to finish the task.
• He/she cannot stay still and fidgets a lot.
• The person interrupts while others are still talking.
• He/she does not get along well with other people.
• The person is forgetful and daydreams a lot.
• He/she is overly talkative.

These manifestations are common in ADHD. However, this disorder has been grouped into 3 types or categories. You need to know if your child has the predominantly hyperactivity-impulsive type, the predominantly inattentive type, or both. You will be able to deal appropriately with the individual if you know what ADHD category he/she belongs to.

It is said that 1 in 10 kids between five and seventeen years old are diagnosed with ADHD. And while it is often associated with children since it is often found out during childhood, this condition may be carried into adulthood, with 60% or higher of diagnosed patients showing symptoms even when they are fully grown.

ADHD: Can I Take The Natural Approach?

Management of ADHD would involve therapies and medications. While treating ADHD without medication is a choice you can make, it would be wise to discuss this choice with mental health professionals. You may also employ these natural approaches:

• Feed the child healthy meals which are high in omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, vitamin D, and iron, They are known to help calm and stabilize a person with ADHD.
• Avoid giving sugary foods and drinks as they can make the child hyperactive.
• See to it that there is a balance between sleep, rest, and physical activity. While making sure the child engages in physical activity for at least 60 minutes a day, he/she should also get enough sleep.
• Limit or, much better, omit the child’s daily use of gadgets and TV.

You may look into your child’s ADHD signs and symptoms and see what things you can do to naturally address them. For example, if your child is always uneasy and fearful, you may use natural remedies for anxiety such as aromatherapy and letting the child spend time with pet animals.
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