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Control The Working Temperature Of Hydraulic Oil

(The maximum temperature of the system is no more than 80 ℃, the temperature in the hydraulic tank is not more than 60 ℃), the oil temperature will accelerate the oxidation and deterioration of the hydraulic oil, and the life of the oil will be greatly shortened. The acid substances generated by oil oxidation and modification will be used for corrosion of the pump and motor. The seal parts will be aged and deformed, and the surface will be subject to thermal deformation and increase wear, This causes an increase in leakage.

When troubleshooting cement mill gydraulic system, the specification shall be followed, the cleaning shall be kept, and random disassembly and disorderly releasing shall be prohibited to prevent pollutants from entering the cement mill gydraulic system. After assembly, cleaning and performance test must be carried out. On the one hand, repair quality can be detected, on the other hand, impurities can be cleaned. All hydraulic pipes should be protected and sealed.

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