What are social online casinos?

In recent years, playing together with friends has become an increasingly important part. Among other things, this also led to the emergence of social online gaming libraries in addition to multiplayer slots . You've probably heard of it and maybe even tried one. If not, you can find out here what it is and how it differs from normal Spielo. In the social online gaming libraries, everything revolves around having fun together with friends. 

You can register for free and invite friends or be invited by them. No deposit is necessary in the first step, because chips are played instead of real money. Your starting balance is usually large, so you can play for free for a long time. The potential real money win is of course a big draw with slot games. But this is more about the shared experience with your friends. Mostly the platforms are connected to networks like Facebook or Twitter . Social contact is the focus here. But so that winning is also fun, there are non-cash prizes and chips as a reward.
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