Ryde Rims launches in North America

Ryde, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of aluminium rims, is proud to announce its entrance to the North American market with its own distributing company: Ryde USA. From October 2015 on, the Ryde aftermarket program will be available to wheel builders, shops and consumers.To get more news about Carbon rims, you can visit zpebicycle.com official website.

Ryde’s roots date back to 1908 when the company Van Schothorst started to forge rims and assemble wheels for the bike industry in the city of Barneveld, the Netherlands. In the fifties, the company moved to its current location in Boxmeer, the Netherlands and since then it has only focused on the production of rims. As a result Ryde has accumulated a unique and outstanding experience in the field and is able to deliver the highest quality rims in each segment. Production is done in its own factories based in Europe and Asia. In that way Ryde controls every step of the process and guarantees the highest quality.

Ryde comes to the U.S. market with 3 distinct line-ups for different kinds of use and users: the Elite Series, the Super Series and the Revolution Series. The Trace range for mountainbikes consists of 6 different profiles with 5 different widths. The narrowest Trace 22 has an internal width of a generously 22 millimetres and weight starts at 320 grams. The widest Trace measures 42 mm and is optimally suited for the new ‘plus’ bikes. All Trace rims features an offset build when necessary and the spoke holes are drilled directionally. The Pulse road bike rims are strong and stiff for their extremely low weight. The rear rim brake rims are build with an offset for a stronger wheel, where as the front versions stay symmetrical.

A special feature here is the CSS coating for the rim brake versions. This layer extends the life span at least 4 times. Super Series: The Edge mountain bike models copy their technologies from the Trace range. The internal widths on offer are up front with the latest insights. The weight is still very competitive – starting at 380 grams – but we put more focus on all round use and advised maximum rider weights are generously high. The DP range for road and cycle cross use is based on the very strong reputation of Europe’s strongest road bike rim: the DP18. All models are still extremely strong and durable and the wide range offers a rim for every type of rider.

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