Which Lockdown Defenders Are Worth Buying in NBA 2K21?

NBA 2K21 MyTeam has unveiled a new promo featuring some of the game's best perimeter defenders. Dark matter Gary Payton, galaxy opal are among the new cards. Shane Battier, a pink stone, and Jrue Holiday, a diamond. In this guide, we'll go over these four cards and tell you if any of them are worth picking up for your team, and if so, how much they'll cost.

Which Players Are Worth Buying in NBA 2K21's New Lockdown Defender Cards?
PS/SG 94 - Jrue Holiday
Jrue Holiday is a 6'3" overpowered card with a 6'7" wingspan, three-point line, 24 all-of-fame badges, 23 on gold, 94 shot IQ, but just an 80 driving dunk, 86 ball and 94 pace acceleration are perfect, then 97 lateral quickness, but he can't play the game because of his 44 interior defense. Playmaker is very strong and defensively would be very elite. He doesn't even come with showtime, Hall of Frame range Hot Zone Hunter on gold. His tendencies are solid, with a 29-yard jump shot and a fast dribble style. He'll be really cheap; he offers you more in some ways than some of those cards, but at the end of the day, he's just a 6'3 point guard in an area where you might face Chris Webber.

PF/SF Shane Battier (96)
This was the shooting guard, with a 93 shot close and a 93 driving dunk. You'd love to see the 92 pace, 86 point, 91 acceleration, and 97 lateral quickness. Even if you're on current gen, there's a lot to like about this card. He's got Hall of Frame Blinders, he can curry, and there's a lot to like about him. Defensively, he's amazing, with a 95 driving percentage, a 40 jump shot on a very fast, solid release, and a shifty dribble style on Next Gen that makes a huge difference. Pro 2 scale escape, pro 3 behind the back movement, and pro 2 crossover movement He'll play defense and offense from the start. He has a great deal going for him. Shane Battier would be a great addition to any Next Gen roster.

SG/SF Tony Allen - 98
In Galaxy Opal, he's a premium clutch player. Tony Allen is a shooting guard with a 6'4" height and a 6'9" wingspan. He doesn't have any hot spots directly above the break, but they do happen from the corners, and he has 36 hall of frame badges, with 17 on gold. Driving dunk: 95, ball speed: 90, ball handle: 86, acceleration: 94. With 98 perimeter, 98 lateral quickness, and 97 steals, he's a great defender. The hall of frame catches you Hot Start, which is a major badge, Hot Zone Hunter, range on gold, no Deadeye, no Flexible, which hurts his value, only a little bit more likewise very solid, the hall of frame Ankle Breaker, Handles for Days, Fast First Steps, Stop And Go, Tight Handles, Unpluckable, all of those on hall of frame. If you're trying to get Vince Carter and there are a lot of xp challenges out, Tony Allen may be worth buying with NBA 2K21 MT Coins.

Gary Payton, PG/SG, 99
He stands 6'4" tall with a 6'7" wingspan and has 45 Hall of Frames, 18 of which are gold. His player stats are very good. He has some impressive numbers: 97 shot tight, 94 shot 3pt, 85 driving dunk, 97 pace with the ball, 95 endurance, 97 speed acceleration, 99 lateral quickness, and 96 interior safety. What else do you like in terms of defensively? Pro 2 size up escape packages, animations, simple dribble of style On the back, Pro 4 movement. Many people would forget Gary Payton.
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