Why Should Adventures Have GriGri?

If you are an adventurer, you must have known a bit about GriGri. If you want to know more about it, this short piece of writing can be helpful for you. 

GriGri (often written as GRIGRI) is a braking belay device widely used in adventurous activities. This belay device is designed by Petzl, especially to secure rappelling, rock-climbing, and rope-acrobatic activities. 

The primary function of Petzl’s GriGri is to absorb the shock load that is produced due to the sudden fall of a person. It consists of a rope that is usually flexible enough to absorb the sudden load. 

The core purpose of Petzl GriGri is to protect the adventurers while they perform their adventurous activities. 

Considering the role and importance of this unique and useful belay device, it would be ideal for every adventurer to have them in their bags during their adventurous trips. Having them in your bags will ensure your protection during your whole adventurous trip. 

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