Off White Hoodie for the books

We like it because of that. Nike announced its newest design collaboration-and it's one for the books.

Though the dress appeared on the runway as a sleeveless style, it's been modified with added sleeves for Kate Middleton (the Duchess can't be crass!).

With the Royal Trip to East Asia Off White Hoodie fully under way, Kate Middleton has stepped out for day two, in three unsurprisingly stunning outfits.

Abloh wears a hoodie, refers to a PowerPoint, and does not at any point ever acknowledge the rumors.

Models off duty, in fashionspeak, is how we describe the style of those who project in their everyday lives a certain aura of coolness锟紺casual, seemingly offhand, and yet entirely unattainable by mere mortals.

But for the rest of us, the Canadian tuxedo look stuck around only for a nanosecond. The very well heeled have never opened their own doors or carried their own shopping bags, so what does it matter if they cannot? But there is a more pernicious and, dare I say, even sinister interpretation of the trend for those who do use their hands on occasion: It hobbles the wearer.

Miguel Adrover, a designer who is now forgotten, shared a similar preoccupation. But the exposed-underwear trend is starting to take a more modest turn-well, sort of.

"I slept for four hours. In practice, the show marked a return to the architect-turned-designer's conceptual roots, after an extended flirtation with sportswear, via his multiseason collaboration with Nike.

But what happens when the outsiders who manufacture the kind of cool that gets co-opted become the establishment? Without the friction of the unexpected, what direction will fashion head in? There's no doubt Abloh will breathe some fresh cool air into the line.

See-through luggage... For instance, you'll be able to explore an immersive installation by FILA, jam out to a DJ set from designers Heron Preston and Off-White's Vigirl Abloh, and even get inked by celebrity tattoo artist Jonboy (yes, actually).

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