Hu Tao as the character in Genshin Impact

Players will feel a sense of excitement when the new Genshin Impact character appears. Their appearance makes them a pleasure to watch and kill time, which is why they are included in the roster. Hu Tao was launched in the latest update of Genshin Impact. But for actor Li Yue's second Pyro weapon user, he was not so excited.

Adventure is the basic mechanics of Hu Tao, and she hopes to have the opportunity to show herself. You can find her, but your position is not given to her. Although her normal damage output is not the best, her crit damage and mastery elements are the best. Her health can be reduced by dangerous operations. In a limited time, her attack power will increase and cause Pyro damage.

I feel very strange that I can't start using her right now. So far, Hu Tao is different from my other roles in "Genshin Impact".

The character I need to spend the most time "learning" to use is Hu Tao. Timing is my only real problem with Hu Tao. After about a month, she had already appeared. Both roles are competing with each other. Players are also arguing about which one to use because of the Cheap Genshin Impact Accounts combination of the two.

Hu Tao stands out because of everything she has in Genshin Impact, unique. Her Genshin Accounts unique actions and potential roles are different from other roles. I think Hu Tao is more technical and professional. Players need to spend more time adjusting it, and they are looking forward to the future cast.

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