Dating simulation and Windblume section are added to Genshin Impact version 1.4 update

For this dating simulation game, players can spend quality time with their favorite Barbara, Noelle, Bennett and Chongyun in the game. You can interact with each character in the game according to your own choice, which will leave you with a wonderful ending and memory. Players will get a Hangout memory map after each actual ending.

The reason for the Genshin Impact Account three mini-games supporting single player and cooperative mode is the Windblume Music Festival held to celebrate romance and passion. "Bullseye Balloon", "Floral Free Fall" and "Breeze Ballad" are among the new games.

There will be four difficulty levels in each game. Players can get participation rewards and holiday travel tickets in the game. In the event store, you can redeem these tickets. So you can get talent upgrade materials and two new exclusive gadgets, Windblume Festival Commemorative Balloon and Windsong Lyre.

Fantasy Wonderland will also be released. A series of more difficult challenges will be provided, and players can experience three random challenge scenarios. After completing this activity, players can get Peculiar Collab coupons that can be used to exchange weapon upgrade materials and brand new 4-star bows and arrows.

Thorny Benevolence is a new four-star playable character named Rosaria. The sister of Cafonius Church is Rosaria, and players have already encountered it in the albedo adventure of Longji Mountain. Crosa has a very powerful weapon with elemental skills. He can move behind the enemy and eventually cause freezing damage.

In this new update, the original resin limit has been increased from 120 to 160. In its inventory, travelers can hold up to five types of condensation resin. In the game Genshin Impact, if players need to purchase a Genshin Impact Account, players can purchase on the safe and reliable MMOWTS.  is a reliable and safe website, which has been unanimously recognized by many players.
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