Everything You Must Know About Mobile Home Insurance

Home insurance safeguards your house and your peace of mind in the event of a fire, natural catastrophe, theft, vandalism, or other calamities. A conventional home can easily be insured, but acquiring coverage for a mobile home can be more challenging, particularly if it is an older design. 

The following are a few things that homeowners should be aware of before buying mobile home insurance.  

What is Mobile Home Insurance?

Also regarded as an HO-7 policy, mobile home insurance is a special kind of home insurance that is made specifically to cover manufactured and mobile homes. 

State law does not mandate purchasing insurance for manufactured homes, but lenders may do so.

Areas Covered by Mobile Home Insurance

Homeowners' insurance for mobile homes is very similar to traditional home insurance in terms of coverage. Here are the areas covered by a mobile home insurance policy.

Dwelling Coverage

This covers damages to a mobile home brought on by inclement weather, vandalism, fire, and other hazards. Even the top mobile home insurance providers can't help you with certain situations, just like traditional home insurance, such as earthquakes, floods, and related hazards.

Homeowners must purchase separate and specialized insurance policies if they expect this protection.

Personal Property

A mobile home insurance policy safeguards the homeowner's possessions. This stands true regardless of whether the items are taken or lost from a location other than the residence.

Liability Protection

When a homeowner is sued for bodily harm or property damage sustained while on their property, mobile home insurance's liability coverage defends them.

Other Structures

This will please homeowners who have garages, sheds, or other structures present on their residences to know that these structures are also covered by mobile home insurance.

Areas Not Covered by Mobile Home Insurance

You should be aware of the exclusions made by conventional mobile home insurance to tailor your policy successfully. Here's the list of things a mobile home insurance does not cover.


You must consider buying separate flood insurance if you reside in a place where there's always a high risk of flooding.


Most insurance policies for mobile homes exclude coverage for earthquake damages. If your house is located in an area where earthquakes occur frequently, purchase separate earthquake insurance.

Wear and Tear

In general, sudden, unforeseen damage is not covered by mobile home insurance.

Insect or Animal Infestation

Most homeowners know that part of routine home maintenance includes clearing out any hidden spaces where critters live. Companies are aware of this and frequently refuse to cover harm induced by critters. 

Ways to Save Money on Mobile Home Insurance

There are several ways to reduce insurance costs. First, adding home surveillance cameras or security devices may qualify you for discounts from some insurance providers. In addition to security upgrades, other discounts include:

  • Combining your existing mobile home policy with an additional one.
  • Being the initial titleholder

Make sure to ask your insurance provider about any discounts you might qualify for.

Final Thoughts

The better you understand what coverage your mobile home insurance offers and excludes, the more clearly you can communicate your needs to your agent. Get your homeowners' insurance for manufactured homes today to unlock all the benefits!

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