Things to do in Aberdeen: Student’s Edition

Aberdeen is referred to as “The Flower of Scotland” due to its amazing park and garden. It lies in a picturesque spot on the North Sea, which is between Rivers Dee and Don. Aberdeen is one of Scotland’s top-notch fishing ports that are an essential center for offshore oil and the ferry terminus for the Orkney and Shetland Islands. The students over here can easily enjoy the sandy beaches, golf courses, shops-lined streets, dance performances, and much more. Regardless of the time of the year, there is a wide range of things to do in Aberdeen by day or night.

Aberdeen Art Gallery: It is a newly refurbished member of Aberdeen’s beautiful art scene. The beautiful Art Gallery is bursting at the seams with some of the best collections, which you can enjoy in the UK. You can easily pay a visit and browse the wide range of works of art, design, paintings, and more. Here you can range of artists which includes Joan Eardley, Samuel Peploe, Barbara Hepworth and so on. Johnston Gardens: If you are in love with the Japanese culture, the colors as well as blooming flowers, you should definitely visit Johnston Gardens. The gardens have won the prestigious Britain in Bloom award several times and also feature a stunning waterfall, a glistening stream as well as a rustic bridge which make for a perfect outing with friends or your flatmates.

Scotland’s Oldest Bridge: If you love a romantic setting, then Cross Brig o’Balgownie is one of the best places to be. Aberdeen is a beautiful place and this bridge is the best example of it. This place is also known as the Bridge of Don and you can access this interesting stone structure through a short walk across Seaton Park. It is built on the orders of Robert the Bruce around 1320 and it was restored in the year 1607. Lord Byron also mentioned this bridge in his satirical poem.

Things to do in Aberdeen as a student

Dolphin spotting: If you love Dolphin spotting, then you should definitely head down to Aberdeen’s harbor. You can hop aboard a cruise out to sea so that you can spot some dolphins up close. Here you can spot some bottlenose dolphins, white-beaked dolphins, risso dolphins, and even minke whales. Another interesting spot is the Torry Battery. In this spot, you can enjoy an amazing view of the resident marine life.

Aberdeen Maritime Museum: Now you can dive into the city’s longstanding history by visiting the Aberdeen Maritime Museum. Here you can browse through some of the amazing collections as well as displays that can uncover shipbuilding, fast sailing ships, fishing, and much more. You can also see an amazing range of maritime paintings as well as artifacts. Here you can have a splendid experience as you can enjoy touchscreen consoles, computer visual databases, and an education room.

Visit the Tolbooth Museum: If you want to visit the Tolbooth Museum, then you can have an amazing time. It is evidence of Aberdeen’s old medieval town that can still be seen around the Castlegate. While there is no longer a castle here, the twoer of the 17th century Tolbooth which is formerly the town hall and prison is Aberdeen’s oldest building as well as home to a museum with fascinating displays on the development of crime as well as punishment. Exhibits comprise original prison cells from the 1600s which were used a hundred years later to house some Scots prisoners after the Battle of Culloden. This amazing structure is also said to be Scotland’s most haunted building.

St. Machar’s Cathedral: If there is one thing you can count on in this beautiful city, then it is its beautiful architecture. It does not get much better than St. Machar’s Cathedral which is a striking place of worship. From the inquisitive question of whether William Wallace’s arm remains are within the walls of this place, the building is all about some mysteries. All we know is, it is beautiful, beguiling, and definitely breathtaking.

Wrapping Up

If you want to have an amazing time over here, then first book your student accommodation Aberdeen Here you can find some of the top-notch places where you can have the utmost fun. So, if you are coming here to study, then do not worry at all.

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