Raise the Stage of your Exhibition with our 2 Story Trade Show Display

There are countless options available when renting our 2 story trade show display. Nowadays, exhibitors are increasingly likely to use double deck booths as the Two deck booths let exhibitors make the most of their space by adding lounges, conference rooms, or demo rooms that give visitors a VIP experience on the second floor. Without having to pay more to rent a bigger floor space, double-deck exhibitions can give exhibitors additional room. Space can be utilized with the double-deck booth configuration. Exhibits with two decks present a strong sense of solidity and position your business as a market leader.

Advantages of double-deck trade shows

Two deck booths frequently fill up quickly. Because of its popularity, our 2 story trade show displayis in demand. With a double deck display, you can potentially double the amount of usable space in your display by adding square footage right now. Another benefit of a double-decker is its height. It increases the booth's visibility from a greater distance on the trade show floor and enhances its attractiveness.

You have a selection of intriguing double-deck booth rentals to choose from with us. You can utilize our double-deck display rental structures in a smaller booth space because of their tiny footprint. A wider area allows you to add a tower, lounges, more meeting rooms, demo stations, a theatre, and anything else you would need to reach your objectives. We'll work with you to develop the ideal double deck booth with our exhibit designers. Entrust the creation of captivating graphics for your double deck exhibit to our leading creative team. Our double-deck rentals offer numerous chances to include eye-catching signage in your show.

As a starting point and an advantage for the overall concept, ourdouble-deck booth design made use of their location at the end of the main hall. The huge canopy greets you as you enter the room and directs you to the booth. The exquisite boardroom with wood tones underneath is highlighted by the logo. The control systems, which manage the AV, lights, and retractable shades, can be built into a handcrafted wood conference table. The presenting capabilities of the building control systems are provided by touchscreen monitors located on the back wall. There are two tower spaces flanking the boardroom for private break-out discussions. The two towering structures serve as visual representations of the sizable buildings where the installed products are housed. These towers delineate the raised deck and private conference space, give the booth scale, and add height.

Our double-deck booth provides the most amount of trade fair exhibiting presence while dazzling both attendees and your rivals. Two-story trade show exhibits offer scale and exposure, whether you need extra office space, exhibit space, or lounge rooms for VIP visitors.

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