Benefits of Living in Shared Student Accommodation in Melbourne

Universities in Australia are creating benchmarks in higher education in the world. Many cities in Australia are active in providing quality education to international students. 

One of the popular names of cities in this regard is Melbourne. Melbourne is the capital city of the Australian state of Victoria. Here, you find eight public universities where both domestic and international students get higher education.

Due to so much inclination of international students in studying in Melbourne, there is a wide range of places available here for their accommodations. You can find both shared and single-occupancy accommodations in Melbourne. Both these types have numerous benefits.

In this article, you will read about the benefits of living in shared student accommodation Melbourne.

You Get the Company of Others

The shared accommodations are the best options for students who want the company of others. In a shared residence, you may find one or more housemates whom you can befriend instantly.

Students Can Divide Their Tasks

In single-occupancy accommodation, you have to accomplish all the tasks related to your residence on your own. So, you may spend a lot of time on these tasks. But, when you choose to stay in shared accommodation, you have to option to divide your tasks. Therefore, you and your housemates can give yourself proper time to study and do other useful tasks.

Co-Residents Can Have Fun Together

Fun with friends is definitely one of the most enjoyable moments for everyone. When you choose student accommodation, you can have loads of fun with your co-residents in your accommodation.

You Need to Pay Only a Part of the Rent

When a residence is shared by multiple occupants, each resident needs to pay only a part of the rent. As a matter of the fact, rent is equally divided among all the residents. Therefore, you get budget-friendly accommodation.

If you cannot afford luxury accommodation and you want to enjoy luxury facilities then the shared accommodation option can be best for you. You can get luxury accommodation at cheap prices since you have to pay only your part of the rent.

Benefits of shared student accommodation

Students Can Help Each Other in Their Studies

Sometimes, students with the same course stay in a room or flat. Besides, sometimes, some students may have different courses but a few similar subjects. In both these cases, students living in the same room or flat can help each other in their studies.

Students Get Opportunities to Know the Cultures Each Other

Every resident in a room/house comes from a different background and culture. Sometimes, residents of different nations stay together. Therefore, co-residents living in a unit get opportunities to know about the cultures of each other. It enhances the knowledge of students living in accommodation units.

Co-Residents Can Share Their Thoughts and Feelings with Each Other

Sometimes, you need emotional support from others. Similarly, your co-residents also require emotional support from time to time. For this, it is needed to share your thoughts and feelings with each other. You can do this if you live in shared accommodation. Therefore, you can get as well as provide emotional support while living in a shared unit.

In addition to this, residents of a unit listen to the thoughts of each other, which enhances their knowledge and understanding.

Students Learn to See the Things from Broader Perspectives

When students from different backgrounds talk to each other on the regular basis, they learn to see things from broader perspectives. They know about different perspectives by talking to their foreign roommates/housemates.

Co-Residents Can Help Each Other in Many Tasks Apart from the Studies

Apart from the studies, students can also help each other with many other tasks. Sometimes, one student may have expertise in some specific tasks and another student in some other specific tasks. When some students stay with each other, they can help each other in many ways.

Co-Residents Can Make Programs to Visit Different Places in Melbourne

There are a number of places for fun and sightseeing in Melbourne. By getting shared accommodation, you instantly get friends with whom you can make such programs.

Co-Residents Can Plan Meals Together

Co-residents can plan meals together when they stay in the same residence. They also get a chance to taste the cuisines of each other.

You Can Decide to Stay with Your Friends

One more benefit of living in a shared accommodation unit is that you can decide to stay with your friends. Sometimes, two or more friends take admitted to Melbourne together. These friends can acquire shared accommodation.


So, there is no doubt that there are a lot of benefits to staying in shared student accommodation in Melbourne. You can easily find shared student accommodation in this city nowadays through the websites of online student accommodation service platforms.

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