Flinders University Hawker Scholarship 2023 Application Update

Flinders University Hawker Scholarship is now open for applications from suitably qualified students. It is a fully funded scholarship for all students sponsored by the Flinders University.

Flinders University Hawker Scholarship

Flinders University is a public university in Adelaide, South Australia. Founded in 1966, it was named in honor of navigator Matthew Flinders, who explored and surveyed the South Australian coastline in the early 19th century.

C.A.S. Hawker Scholarships are valued at up to $60,000 over three years. They are residential scholarships which commemorate the achievements of one of Australia’s most respected pastoral pioneers.

Charles Hawker served in the First World War and went on to become a distinguished scholar and leading figure in the Federal Parliament, prior to his tragic death in the Kyeema aircraft accident in 1938.

Benefits of Flinders University Hawker Scholarship

The C.A.S. Hawker Scholarships are valued at up to $60,000 over three years.

Successful applicants can study at the Flinders University and reside at St Mark’s College in North Adelaide.


Requirements for Flinders University Hawker Scholarship

Applicants must be:

1. Australian citizens.

2. Normally in their 1st year of an undergraduate degree, however 2nd and 3rd year and Postgraduate students may also be considered.

3. Successful applicants are those who most convincingly demonstrate their potential as a future leader, the contribution they have made to their school and community and their academic ability, in keeping with the example C.A.S. Hawker set as a leader and his contribution and service to Australia.


Application Deadline

January 6, 2023.

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