Oyo traders protest installation of parallel Babaloja-General

Traders in Oyo State have stormed the Oyo State Government secretarial protesting plans to install another Babalola-General in the State.

DAILY POST reports that Babaloja-General is the head of market men in the State.

It was gathered that the current Babaloja-General in the State is Alhaji Sunmaila Aderemi Jimoh.

Jimoh was voted and installed as Babaloja-General of Oyo State in 2020 by the Conference of Babalojas and Iyalojas in Oyo State.

Our correspondent, however, gathered that some people have been planning to install Alhaji Yekini Abass as the Babaloja-General of Oyo State.

Spokesman of the aggrieved traders, Comrade Sikiru Adetunji, who spoke with journalists on Wednesday that said they were surprised that some people were planing to install another Babaloja-General.

Adetunji urged Governor Seyi Makinde to intervene.

“We know the State governor to be a respecter of rule of law and a believer in fairness and justice. He hasn’t anything to gain in encouraging illegality or promoting unjust agenda, so we appeal to those in his administration to steer clear of traders’ issues. We are like other registered associations, we have chosen our leaders and we are pleased with our choices.

“It is also important to bring to the awareness of the commissioner that those who arranged the selection and installation of Y. K. Abass forged document to deceive those who joined in the show of same. This and other facts were part of the exhibits submitted to the State High Court against the illegal installation of Y. K. Abass.

“We want members of the public to know that our people are men and women of integrity, lovers of peace and defenders of people’s rights. We are trying to prevent a breakdown of law and order, but Mr. Lawal should not take our calmness for granted, he should not set Oyo State ablaze.

“It was the quick intervention of some traders from various markets in 11 local government councils in Ibadan that stop the traitors who are behind the unjust agenda to install Alhaji Yekini Abass, otherwise called Y. K. Abass as Babaloja-General of Oyo State last week.

“The same people gathered again on Tuesday, exactly 6 days after, to carry out their iniquitous plan. We have stopped them again, however, any attempt by them to gather for the same purpose again will not be taken lightly by us”.

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