University of Kent PhD Scholarship 2022 Application Update

University of Kent PhD Scholarship is now open for applications from suitably qualified students. It is a fully funded scholarship for all students sponsored by the University of Kent.

University of Kent PhD Scholarship

Kent University is a renowned academic institution, and the Research Excellence Framework determined that 97% of our research is of an international caliber.

One of the top social care research organizations in the UK and around the world is PSSRU.

The Unit, which has a national and international scope, was formed at the University of Kent in 1974 and conducts policy and practice social care research.

The annual volumes of Unit Costs of Health and Social Care, which are extensively used by policymakers, providers, and the research community, are produced by PSSRU’s research and include all facets of the delivery of social care.

Benefits of University of Kent PhD Scholarship

Funding will be provided for a studentship starting in January 2023, and includes:

1. A stipend of £15,500 per year.

2. Tuition fees are paid at the standard UK rate (£4,596 in 2022).

3. Upto £10,000 across the three years for reasonable and justified research cost.


Requirements for University of Kent PhD Scholarship 

1. Transition in Social care: for example, Social care needs and quality of life outcomes of adults moving between services and their family carers, and of adults moving from inpatient to community-based settings, with a particular focus on the experiences of individuals with intellectual disabilities and/or autism.

2. Physical and emotional well-being: for example, Supporting health and wellbeing among people with intellectual disabilities and/or autism, people with mental health conditions, and their families and staff.

3. High-quality services for a better quality of life outcomes: for example, Evaluating the impact and costs of implementing person-centered approaches, such as active support, in community-based services for people with intellectual disabilities, autistic people, and/or people with dementia.

4. Living a full adult life: e.g. Exploring social, leisure, and relationship opportunities for adults across all social care groups, with a particular focus on autonomy and the extent to which adults are supported to live fulfilled lives on their own terms.

How to Apply

By the scholarship application deadline, you must apply online for a position in one of the following PhD programs (and provide all necessary supporting documentation) to be eligible for the award:

Applied Psychology

Community Care

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Mental Health of People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Application Deadline

October 28, 2022.

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