Snoop Dogg craves collabo with elusive Sade Adu

Snoop Dogg has been dreaming of one day collaborating with soul songstress, Nigerian-British Sade Ade, but he doesn’t know how to get her.

‘Maybe Def Jam and Universal can hustle that. I didn’t think it could happen,’ the 50-year-old rap superstar said in his Inglewood studio on Tuesday.

‘Watch out. We’ll put it in the air. Put a bat signal up saying, “You can call me.,”‘ Snoop said in a report by Daily Mail.

Snoop – whose favorite Sade song is Your Love Is King – wistfully recalled being mesmerized by the 63-year-old singer at one of her concerts.

‘It had all kind of visual effects and s*** where she disappeared and she was at the top of the sky,’ smiled Dogg, whose real name is Calvin Broadus.

‘[My friend] was like “Do you wanna go meet her?” And I was like [no]. I was nervous as a motherf***er. Like, nah. I was too nervous! “Nah I’m cool.” Gonna act like that I’m cool with a heartbeat faster than a motherf***er.

‘He was like, “Let’s go meet her!” And I was like “[No]. We gotta leave there’s going to be a lot of cars trying to get out of here.”‘

Sade, born as Helen Fọláṣadé Adu, has not performed live since 2011, and she’s believed to have all but retired to her cottage in the Gloucestershire countryside.

On December 10, the four-time Grammy winner’s longtime saxophonist Stuart Matthewman gave fans a glimmer of hope by writing on Instagram: ‘We’ll be out there again one day. Pinky promise!’

The 61-year-old Englishman told Rated R&B in 2018 that Sade and the band had been ‘working on a new album’ which will be released ‘when we’re happy.’

‘[Sade’s] not interested in the fame or any of that [other] stuff. She likes to put out art. So when it’s ready, it will come out,’ Stuart teased.

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