Human Frontier Science Programme 2022 Portal Update

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– Human Frontier Science Programme –

The Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) is now accepting applications from suitably qualified students into their Human Frontier Science Programme for Postdoctoral students. It is a fully-funded scholarship for all students.

Human Frontier Science ProgrammeHuman Frontier Science Programme

About Human Frontier Science Programme 

The aim of the fellowship is to encourage early career scientists to broaden their research skills by moving into new areas of study while working in a new country.

The Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) is a program, based in Strasbourg, France, that funds basic research in life sciences.

Study Subject

These fellowships are awarded in the following fields:

1. Long-Term Fellowships (LTF) are for applicants with a Ph.D. in a biological discipline, who will broaden their expertise by proposing a project in the life sciences which is significantly different from their previous Ph.D. or postdoctoral work.

2. Cross-Disciplinary Fellowships (CDF) are for applicants with a Ph.D. from outside the life sciences (e.g. in physics, chemistry, mathematics, engineering or computer sciences), who have had limited exposure to biology during their previous training.


Post-award support for fellowship recipients may differ (annual meetings with fellows, access to research infrastructure, opportunities to publish in society journals, advanced training possibilities, etc.).

Scholarship can be taken in for three years. Fellows may choose to stay for up to three years in the host country or use the last year of their fellowship to return to their home country or to move to another HFSPO member country.


IREX Community Solution Program

YSEALI Professional Fellowship

Vistula University Merit Scholarship


Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

1. Scientists from all countries may participate in the Research Grant and Fellowship programmes. There are, however, some restrictions that affect applicants from non-member countries.

2. The restrictions on participation are:

3. The Principal Applicant of a research grant must be from one of the member countries* (see list below), but other team members may be from anywhere in the world as long as the teams fulfill the basic international requirements described in the guidelines.

4. Young scientists from anywhere in the world may apply for a Fellowship to work in a laboratory in one of the supporting countries (see list below). A scientist from one of the member countries can apply to work anywhere in the world.

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Deadlines for Human Frontier Science Programme

Initiation of a Letter of Intent by 1 pm (Eastern Time US) by May 26, 2022  (registration portal opens May 3, 2021 at 00:01am Eastern Time US)

Submission of full proposals for invited applicants by 1 pm (Eastern Time US) by September 27, 2022 via ProposalCentral

(NB, host supervisor(s) and referees must have submitted their sections before the applicant can submit their application).

The application guidelines for the 2022 HFSP Long-Term Fellowships can be found here .

The application guidelines for the 2022 HFSP Cross-Disciplinary Fellowships can be found here .

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