Ingraham: Left doesn't want to debate they want to dominate

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LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NEWS HOST: I'm Laura Ingraham and this is THE INGRAHAM ANGLE from Washington tonight. We have an exclusive, nearly four months after the Capitol riot, seven FBI agents with guns drawn busted down in Alaska couple's front door looking for Nancy Pelosi's laptop.

One little problem. The couple said that they never went inside the Capitol building and they're here tonight to tell their story. But first, we're winning. That's the focus of tonight's ANGLE.

The day after the election, THE ANGLE, remember, told dejected Trump voters not to fall into a pit of despair that our ideas and policies worked and that the Democrats would go so far left, it eventually forced the pendulum to swing back. Soon, I said it would be time to dust ourselves off and get back in the game of fighting for America.

And when BLM began to infiltrate our schools last summer swarming public and private school administrators with obscene "1619 Project" propaganda, THE ANGLE urged you to loudly reject that toxic charge that America is systemically racist country.

And then last week when Biden's Education Department released a proposal to force critical race theory on schools nationwide, we pleaded with you to get involved.


INGRAHAM: Those getting rich off this hateful propaganda, they should be run out of the schools by parents who know better. So all you parents out there, ban together with others, other interested parents, community members and speak up.


INGRAHAM: And more of you are smartly heating that call because in Saturday's election in South Lake Texas, candidates opposed to the far left BLM curriculum won the two open seats on the Carroll Independent School District board with nearly 70 percent of the vote. Conservative candidates swept the elections for mayor and two open city council seats.

But the best is how NBC tried to spin this all as a bitterly divided electorate. Now, the only bitter ones out there are the Democrats and the teachers unions who got smacked in the mouth on the critical race theory issue. And speaking of unions, there is now definitive proof of what we knew all along that the American Federation of Teachers is the ventriloquist and Joe Biden is the dummy.

Emails first published in the "New York Post" and obtained by Fox News revealed that the AFT has essentially been running Biden's COVID policy for schools all along, because if it were up to them, they'd never reopen the schools. Of course in the entire curriculum from preschool to the 12th grade would be remade from a progressive racially obsessed mold.

The AFT's Chief and Biden darling, Randi Weingarten, offered a lame response, saying, "Once again, the "New York Post" has a hit peace out on AFT. This time that is trying to make everyday advocacy look nefarious. Wish the "Post" had done a story about our attempts to get the Trump administration to pay attention to the safety safeguards", whatever that means. "It might have stopped Trump from pretending COVID didn't exist."

Well, the fact is, Randi's getting nervous because more parents are waking up. So instead of just rolling their eyes and keeping their heads down, we don't want to talk, we want to let everything ride in the schools, now they're beginning to fight back against the sickening indoctrination campaign being waged against their children.


ASRA NOMANI, FAIRFAX COUNTY PARENT: We plan our strategy and we take the camera and we pointed at the school board members, and we're forcing the accountability because we're putting on record all of (inaudible), they're putting all these families through. So I want to just applaud all of you because you are the fearless mama bears and papa bears that are fighting up for your children.


INGRAHAM: Now some days when you see what Speaker Pelosi and President Biden are trying to ram through, I know things can seem overwhelming. But I assure you we are winning this issue. And it's more obvious every day that the left - they don't want to debate us on it. They want to dominate and silence us.

Well, I don't know why do they want to do that, though they can't win the argument first of all, but also because they despise us. They despise our patriotic traditions, our founders, our history and our literature. They think we're a corrupt racist nation from our founding to the present day.

But this hateful view of the country, most of us still love, is now backfiring on them and they're scrambling. So today the woman who is bilking America with the fraudulent "1619 Project", she tried to explain how a systemically racist country is different from a racist country.


NIKOLE HANNAH JONES, FOUNDER, 1619 PROJECT: There is no single line or argument in the 1619 Project that claims that this country is an evil country. It is a project trying to teach children the truth about what our country was based upon. Slavery was foundational to the United States.


INGRAHAM: All you need to know is that keeping racism alive is her business. She makes money off promoting it. If it's not a big issue anymore, she has to get a real job. And her new faculty gig at the University of North Carolina then goes bye-bye. But Miss Jones is not alone. She learned from the best.


AL SHARPTON, CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVIST: A black senator said there, written that America is not racist. What do you mean America is not racist? America was started of racism. It has been blacks and whites like the black and white young folk that have been marching for Andrew that made it go from racism to where it is today.


INGRAHAM: Now, if you go visit the racial charlatan's Hall of Fame, his is the first bust on display. Check it out. Sharpton would have an entire wing dedicated to his racial grifting at this point, but the fact is Democrats got way too cocky over the past year, and especially since Biden had stumbled into the White House.

I think they thought that beating Trump meant that they had a mandate to radically remake the U.S., that the Red States would suddenly just bow down to the gloom gang and sign on to all manner of nonsense. But Texas, Florida, South Dakota, Iowa, Tennessee and so many others, they're leading the way now to a brighter, more hopeful future than the Democrats can ever offer.

Whether the issue is school curricula, or girls' sports, COVID mandates, or ballot integrity measures, taxes, they're passing smart legislation. They're running strong candidates, and in some cases, when they need to, they're filing lawsuits. All with a very confident forward looking posture.

Today, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis suspended all remaining COVID restrictions in his state.


GOV. RON DESANTIS (R-FL): Not only does this bill provide protections for individuals, for schoolchildren, for businesses vis-a-vis emergency orders, it also provides protections for all Floridians in terms of their personal health information and prohibits statutorily Vaccine passports.


INGRAHAM: Meanwhile, New Yorkers are still fleeing to California, which has been free and open about since the last year for the most part. For all you New Yorkers happy that Cuomo announced Broadway would reopen and capacity restrictions would be lifted as of May 19, you can thank red state governors for forcing his hand. You can't say though, we didn't warn the Democratic governors about what would happen if they kept their economies cut off and their workers and kids at home.


INGRAHAM: But it's becoming more obvious by the day that these power hungry governors and radical mayors are endangering their state's futures and we'll eventually see their states left behind.


INGRAHAM: Over the weekend, "The Washington Post" revealed their worry about Democrats' chances in 2022. A growing list of House Democrats from competitive districts is headed for the exits, adding yet another concern for a party facing an uphill fight to maintain control of Congress next year."

And by the way, if you wonder what America would look like, if Democrats really have their way, look no further than Germany. Last year, liberals were holding up Germany as a model of competent COVID management. Now, in the middle of another lockdown, yes, that's what Germany is. It's only May, by the way, but Germany's already canceled Oktoberfest.

More Americans are seeing what we warned about so long ago, that liberals will never really be comfortable with you getting all your freedom back. They're going to dangle the prospect of getting back to normal, but only if you get your shots. Democrats want you to choose between giving your child the drug they don't need in order to get an education they desperately do need.

Parents are going to have very difficult decisions to make and litigation will rightly be pursued. And there will be many difficulties ahead for our families. But there's no doubt that Republicans are beginning to win again and it's making Pelosi and Schumer very, very nervous. They should have never bowed down to the far left on things like border policy or climate change, race or anything else for that matter. It's all been a disaster for them.

But as the curtain is slowly being pulled back on their plans, I expect they're going to desperately try to market their radical plans as pragmatic and inclusive. They're neither. As red state leaders are showing us, we don't need to spend trillions of dollars and new money to grow an economy. We just need to open up and get the government off our backs. And that's THE ANGLE.

Joining me now is Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick. Texas provided a possible preview of the 2022 midterm elections this weekend. In the 6th district, Republicans won by such an enormous amount, they blocked all the Democratic candidates from competing in the runoff. That's not what was predicted.

Dan, I remember, I think we had you on last year, maybe a little bit, maybe almost a year and a half ago now, when all those articles were being written about how the Democrats are going to flip Texas to Democrat. How are things looking today?

DAN PATRICK, LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR OF TEXAS: It's not looking good for them. The district you're talking about? The Republicans won by three points in November and Congressman Wright died from COVID, so his wife supported by Donald Trump ran in a field of 23. She finished first. Another Republican, Jake Ellzey finished second. The Democrat law in a field of 23, where they had the really the whole field to themselves to be really the only major Democrat didn't even make the run off. So that was a seat they thought they could flip and they will get that seat back.

But a lot of other things happened, Laura, this weekend is you and I kind of chatted about a little bit. You mentioned the South Lake school board. The parents stood up and took two seats back because they didn't want critical race theory. The Senate, the chamber that I'm president of, we passed out a bill banning critical race theory and 1619 and so did the Texas House so we'll get one of those bills to the governor's desk.

Also, this weekend in Austin, the liberal bastion of this state, Democrats 60 percent of those who voted in favor of restoring a camping ban. You see, Mayor Adler, the super Uber liberal mayor of Austin had removed the camping ban and the homeless is all over the city of Austin. Crime is up, panhandling is up.

So in a very liberal city, Democrats even push back against their own Liberal Democrats, so they're restoring the camping ban and putting criminal penalties on panhandling. In Lubbock, Texas, the first sanctuary city, the biggest rather in Texas for life, the people voted 6040 roughly in the city of Lubbock. There will be no more abortion in that city, a sanctuary city for life law.

And you talked about our economy, I was on with you a lot during COVID. And I'm the person who said I'm not listening to Fauci anymore. I think I've been proven right, who pays attention to him anymore. And I also said Texas was on the right path. We are. Our economy is booming. Our comptroller gave us stats today, we had the biggest increase in sales tax ever and we're not just comparing our numbers to last year because that would be easy to say for last year. We're going back to two years when everything was right, Laura. Our economy is booming.

And what the New York Post said today is true. All those states, those blue states have ruined livelihoods. They've driven people out of business and no more people - they didn't save any more lives than we did in the red states like Texas and Florida. Our economies are booming. Conservative Republican policies and Donald Trump policies are winning.

INGRAHAM: How much influence did Donald Trump have in that 6th district runoff or in the election before the runoff? Picking - of course endorsing the deceased candidates life.

PATRICK: Yes. Well, I think he had a lot of difference. When you have - it was an open primary because of the death of the congressman. And so when you have 23 candidates, it's tough for anyone to get traction because it's so divided.

INGRAHAM: That was here. Right.

PATRICK: And she finished first because of his endorsement, I think says all you need to hear about how much is endorsed at the moment.

INGRAHAM: Yes. We got to role, Lieutenant Governor Patrick. But imagine how well Texas would be doing if Biden got off the backs of the oil and gas industry. I mean, he is artificially holding back exploration and reducing supplies. That's why the price of gasoline is going up for every American. So there are a lot of shackles being put on the fossil fuel industry because of the deployment...


PATRICK: Not to mention, the border. Closing the border will open up the gas and oil for us.

INGRAHAM: Yes. Lieutenant Governor Patrick.

PATRICK: Thank you, Laura.

INGRAHAM: Great seeing you tonight. And thanks to the red state trailblazers, millions of Americans are beginning to get their freedoms back. And that is unless the COVID industrial complex has its way.

Today the New York Times provided the latest forum to scare society into submission. "Reaching herd immunity is unlikely in the U.S., experts now believe. Widely circulated coronavirus variants and persistent hesitancy about vaccines will keep the goal out of reach." That's very positive.

Joining me now is Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Stanford University Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology. Also here, Dr. Harvey Risch Yale School of Public Health Epidemiology Professor. Dr. Bhattacharya, what's the truth here about herd immunity? And what on earth is the "New York Times" and the experts talking about this time?

JAY BHATTACHARYA, PROFESSOR OF MEDICINE, STANFORD: I think they misunderstand basic epidemiology. But the herd immunity is not actually the key issue. We don't know what a herd immunity threshold is. And achieving herd immunity is not the same thing as the viruses eradicated, which would I think "The New York Times" means.

But the key issue is protecting the vulnerable. And with the vaccine, we've actually done a very good job of that. I think 83 percent of elderly people have had at least one job and almost 70 percent have had it both. So we've done a very good job protecting the vulnerable with this Vaccine. But there's a thousand fold difference in the risk of death between young and old. And you take away the old from the population that could be - could die from the virus vaccine, you've defanged it. So there's a lot of good news to tell here.

INGRAHAM: Now, this doctor in Yale is leading on Moderna vaccine trial on kids. Now I'm going to play this for Dr. Risch, because he or she is revealing her ignorance on the science of COVID.


INCI YILDIRIM, YALE MEDICINE VACCINOLOGIST: We have six months to two years of age, two to six years of age, and six to 12 years of age. We have very limited number of children who will be getting a certain dose. We all want the best for our children. Just talk with your provider. I will keep my five-year old in the social distancing, masking kind of rules until I know that further more and more people are vaccinated.


INGRAHAM: Dr. Risch, Dr. Yildirim saying she is keeping her children in masks and social distancing. That's a very well-known Yale doctor saying that - is that going to keep kids safe today?

HARVEY RISCH, PROFESSOR, YALE SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH: Well, it won't make any difference. And it may provide small amounts of harm from the degree of having to wear masks and having to see people in masks. That's the psychological damage that that does.

INGRAHAM: Well, what about this Moderna trial that's going on at Yale right now, again, for very small children who have almost no risk of getting seriously ill from this virus, when as Dr. Bhattacharya said, all these elderly people are already vaccinated. So what is going on with this trial of very small children at Yale?

RISCH: Well, it's not just Yale, Moderna is spread the trial sites all over the United States, if not internationally. And Pfizer has already been doing this. So these trials are going on with children. And we know that they won't nearly be big enough to show any benefit whatsoever, except for very secondary measures of protection for the children. And they certainly won't be big enough to show any significant safety hazards because of the size and because children are so low risk. So I think this is mostly theater, it is really what it boils down to.

INGRAHAM: Well, a freelance journalist today tweeted information that he received from a pediatric immunologist at Columbia, who told him that Israel has a 0.1 percent positivity rate, yet no children under 16 are vaccinated. None.

Dr. Bhattacharya, does this debunk this notion, or at least some evidence that kids do not need this vaccine which is emergency use by the FDA, but it's not - it doesn't get the full approval of the FDA. Yes, still.

BHATTACHARYA: Yes. Like I said earlier, the key issue is the elderly population. They're the ones who die from this disease or there are older people with some chronic conditions. Once those folks are protected, you defang the disease. Kids, they can get the disease. It's true. But if they get, very, very mild forms of it, many of them are asymptomatic.

Young kids are actually much less likely to spread the disease even if they have it than older people. We don't need to vaccinate the young to end the epidemic. We need to vaccinate the old. We've done a great job at that.

INGRAHAM: Dr. Risch, do you agree with Dr. Bhattacharya? I'd like to start a little conflict here on this issue of herd immunity that we don't have any idea what percentage of the population needs to be in some way, either have natural immunity, acquired immunity, cross reactivity or vaccination to reach herd immunity? We just don't know?

RISCH: No, we do know. This is fundamental epidemiology as Dr. Bhattacharya said that herd immunity is reached at the peak of the epidemic curves. Those peaks in the United States were all occurred in October, November, December across the States. We're well past herd immunity.

Now the CDC has told us how much herd immunity we have based on statistics that they've measured. And we can calculate, it's about 77 percent of the population. It's functionally immune from new infection. And that's well into the range of herd immunity.

Now herd immunity is not the end result that we need to achieve. The more herd immunity one has, the faster the epidemic goes down. So herd immunity occurs at the peak, means it starts to go down, but to make it go down faster, we want more people immune. And that's what's happening now. We're rapidly accelerating downward.

INGRAHAM: Yes. Well, and that's not - and they are not even talking about the natural immunity, right, Dr. Bhattacharya? The T-cell immunity people have naturally acquired from exposure to the virus. That's not even been counted by the experts. Correct?

BHATTACHARYA: (inaudible) a large fraction of the population is already covered from COVID. The key thing is as I think we agree, it's not herd immunity. I mean, I think a lot of times people say herd immunity, they think it means the virus has gone. That's not what it means. The key thing is protecting the vulnerable and we've done that. We should tell the American people.

INGRAHAM: They don't want to tell the American people that. They did - for some reason they don't want to say that. That's not how they want to phrase it. Doctors, thank you. You clarified a lot for us tonight.

And an Alaska couple says the FBI raided their home last week with guns drawn looking for Pelosi's laptop. They tell us what they say is the true story exclusively next. Don't go away.


INGRAHAM: Less than two weeks ago, we brought you a story from upstate New York, where a man who says he wasn't even in DC on January 6, was harassed by FBI agents in his own home. But what my next guest say happened to them is even more shocking.

On the morning of April 28, Paul and Marilyn Hueper say a dozen FBI agents broke into their Alaska home and guns drawn. The couple say that they and two of their guests were handcuffed and interrogated for three hours by the FBI. Why? Well, the couple says the FBI accused the Huepers of storming the U.S. Capitol on January 6 and stealing Nancy Pelosi's beloved laptop.

Marilyn and Paul Hueper join me now. Marilyn, now you were in DC on January 6, but are you sure you don't have Nancy Pelosi's laptop lying around your house anywhere there?

MARILYN HUEPER, HOUSE RAIDED BY FBI: Well, we keep looking. And we've asked everyone who has communicated with us, and so far no sightings.

INGRAHAM: Paul, what happened? Tell us more about April 28. And how this all went down? What time of day?

PAUL HUEPER, HOUSE RAIDED BY FBI: Yes, sure. 9 o'clock in the morning. I am on my bed doing my emails that I usually do. We are in the tourism industry. Marilyn is sleeping next to me and I can hear some ruckus going on in the other room, the kitchen/slash dining room area. So I get up, come around the corner and I hear somebody barking, "Hands up, FBI". Come around the corner, I've got six or seven guns pointed right at me. And I'm like, ok, this is kind of surreal. I mean, this - I'm not terrified, but definitely a surreal, kind of caught into vertigo.

So they proceeded to handcuff me, gave me no reasons why, of course, no search warrant. God forbid, they present a search warrant. Marilyn came out around the corner, they handcuffed her. We had two of our house guests that were staying with us from Phoenix, Illinois, best friends from Phoenix, his sons were with us. One 17, and they handcuffed him. They proceeded to keep us in handcuffs for an hour. And not knowing what's going on, they gave no explanation why they were there.

And of course, my mind is going through all the different scenarios. OK, what is going on? What is this I have to deal with, but yes.

INGRAHAM: Marilyn, this is a photo of the woman that you say the FBI thought you were. And now on the right is a picture of you from that very same day, lost my hearing. So you say definitively that you are not the woman in that dark coat in the left side of this photo?

M HUEPER: I do definitively say that it's not me. And I'm wearing my same outfit. I was wearing that day in DC. And one of the things they had on, the search warrant to look for was that clothing. So they were presuming I was dressed in that clothing and they would be able to find it. So apparently, they hadn't noticed any photos on the internet with me in the clothing I was actually wearing, or do any facial recognition or I don't know.

INGRAHAM: Well, I guess they got to redo their facial recognition. I mean, that is obviously not - Now I just have to say, guys, we reached out to the FBI multiple times. And they told us on April 28, the FBI was conducting court authorized law enforcement activity at the location you're referring to, meaning your home. And that as a matter of practice, they wouldn't describe their interaction. I bet, they won't.

M HUEPER: In fact, as a matter of practice, they don't.

INGRAHAM: I have to say this does not sound like the United States of America. OK. This sounds like something you'd maybe happen in China or Russia or maybe even today's - or to [ph] Juan's Turkey. OK.

P HUEPER: Yes. Not so true to me.

INGRAHAM: It' doesn't sound like the United States of America to me.

M HUEPER: It didn't feel like it on Wednesday morning. It felt more like the federalize, like we were in Zihuatanejo or something.

INGRAHAM: Did they apologize after the three hours?

P HUEPER: Only for smashing a big hole in the door. One of the agents felt bad about that. But that was all, there is no other apologies.

INGRAHAM: Wait a second. Why didn't they just knock? I thought the left doesn't like no knock warrants.

P HUEPER: We asked them the same question. And they said, well, we showed up at 7 o'clock, nobody answered the door. And so we went off to breakfast. I'm like, OK, went out to breakfast. Great. They come back at 9:00, and there's a knock on my neighbor's door, and he doesn't answer the first time, sure, I'm not going to run around through his door on the second visit. So --

INGRAHAM: Yes, I bet your -- we have to roll. But I bet your house guests were totally thrilled. I bet they're coming back soon. Imagine that, you visit someone, they're handcuffed by the FBI. Paul and Marilyn, we're going to be following this, and thank you for joining us and telling us this story. It is disturbing.

That same day the FBI raided Paul and Marilyn's home in Alaska, the Bureau also ransacked the home of the office of President Trump's personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani. Rudy's crime, well, he hasn't been charged with one. All we know is that the feds are reportedly investigating him for failing to register as a lobbyist for Ukrainian nationals, or officials.

And here's my next guest, who is fuming, Alan Dershowitz, Harvard law prof emeritus, author of the new book "The Case against the New Censorship," and legal adviser to Giuliani's legal team. He joins me now. Alan, you just heard this story of the Huepers, what happened to them in Alaska. Their door was smashed down in the morning, they were handcuffed. They were not in the Capitol. They are using some facial recognition technology that is obviously not working. But now this about Giuliani. Why do you think the FBI's actions here are troubling for your client?

ALAN DERSHOWITZ, ADVISER TO GIULIANI'S LEGAL TEAM: I just want all your viewers to imagine that you have a deep dark secret, a family problem, and you go to your priest or you go to your rabbi or you go to your psychiatrist or your cardiologist, and you tell them the deep dark secret. And then a few days later, you learn that the FBI has conducted a search and seizure of your priest's records, and it includes the notes that he took of everything you told him in confidence. Wouldn't you be upset?

The idea is that if you are searching a lawyer or a priest or a doctor, psychiatrist, you don't go by search warrant. You go by subpoena. You write a letter, basically, to the person and say we want you to turn over your laptop, your e-mail. And then he has his lawyers say, well, I can turn over this e-mail, but I can't turn over that one. I can give you this laptop but not that laptop. And then a judge decides.

But the idea of the 6:00 in the morning raids, or in Alaska, the no-knock raids, a search should be reserved only went there is evidence that the person being searched is going to destroy the evidence. Sure, if it's a drug deal, he's going to flush the drugs down the toilet. If he is a terrorist, he's going to get right of the guns. But if he's a lawyer for the president of the United States, who knows for months that they are looking for these things and who has offered to turn them over, there's no excuse whatsoever for a search warrant. It is simply a display of power, and it's inconsistent with the spirit and, I think, the letter of the Fourth Amendment.

INGRAHAM: Eric Swalwell said something about the FBI's actions against Giuliani. Watch.


REP. ERIC SWALWELL (D-CA): Giuliani led the smear and clear campaign for Donald Trump, and now it's important that independent prosecutors are able to follow the evidence wherever it may go. Maybe it goes has high as Donald Trump. But to do Giuliani no favors to just sweep this under the run. Just hold him accountable as any other person would be held accountable, and to say that no one is above the law in our country.


INGRAHAM: He seems to be suggesting, Alan, that maybe the FBI is using Rudy to get to Trump.

DERSHOWITZ: There's no question that the FBI would not be justified in conducting this kind of massive search of many people, many clients' information, if they were just looking for a violation of the registration act. You don't conduct those kinds of searches if that is all you are looking for. They are looking for something else. We don't know what it is. But as your previous guest says, this does not sound like the America I grew up in, the America I love. We have to impose limits on police. The left wants to impose limits on conservative --

INGRAHAM: This is -- people want bipartisan agreement. There is bipartisan agreement on a lot of these issues. Right and left used to believe in limiting the government's power in these cases, and now the left is just left common sense. Alan, thank you.

We sent our own Raymond Arroyo on the road to find out what voters really think of Biden's first 100 days. Plus, if this presidency thing doesn't work out for him, uncle Joe could be a train conductor, maybe a teacher. Raymond Arroyo explains it in "Seen and Unseen" next.


INGRAHAM: It's time for our "Seen and Unseen" segment where we expose the stories behind the headlines. And for that, we turn to FOX News contributor Raymond Arroyo. All right, Raymond, during our trip to Orlando, I understand that you wandered off from the crew and you went talking to voters, random people on the street. What happened?

RAYMOND ARROYO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: I did. I asked them about Biden's $4 trillion infrastructure plan, which he is selling out on the road. I will show you that in a moment. But I started by asking voters this penetrating question, Laura.


ARROYO: If you had to rate Biden's first 100 days on a scale from one to five being the best, you would rate him what?


ARROYO: Describe why, suck?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's un-American. It's absolutely un-American.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Because I like Trump better.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is that my only choice, one to five? Because my real answer is minus two to the infinite degree.


ARROYO: An 80. Wow. Why?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Because I think he has come through on some issues that are important to the public.

ARROYO: Like what?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think he is writing checks for -- I have a business background. I don't know how he is going to fund all of this. Just keep giving people free things and they are going to just want more.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Let me see what I think. I didn't hear his speech last night.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You can either be given free stuff or become free. You got two choices. That's it.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He is calm and he doesn't lie.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think he is trying. But I think his actions speak louder than his words in terms of dividing the country.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If you don't see somebody for 100 days, how can you even rate him?


ARROYO: There was a lot of consternation over the president's infrastructure plan, Laura, even from some of Biden's supporters. All told, this is a $6 trillion plan. Whether you call it infrastructure or the American Jobs Act. In 2019, the entire federal government spent $4 trillion. We are now talking about blowing that and $2 trillion more. People are watching, and they are none too happy.

INGRAHAM: All we need to do is open up the entire economy. There's pent up demand. There's plenty of job openings in the red states. This is a complete and utter joke, and we shouldn't call it infrastructure. It's not about infrastructure. It's about changing the structure of America.

And Raymond, amazingly, Biden is also trying to get taxpayers to spend $80 billion on money losing Amtrak. Didn't he have some sentimental pitch the other day, complete with his little motor man hat.


JOE BIDEN, (D) PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I used to take the train home. My mom was sick, and I'd try to come home almost every weekend. If you think about it, when we were -- when I was vice president with Barack, he allowed me to put together a budget for Amtrak. And it had money for high speed rail at 200 miles an hour from Charlotte, and another line going from -- in Florida down to Tampa. Another line. If we had moved -- we had that tunnel fixed in New York now. The money was there to get it done.


ARROYO: Laura, this is as confusing as Amtrak's new lines, OK. Maybe we should spend trillions to bring back trolleys and horse-drawn carriages. Let those horses do their fair share, Ingraham. This is the biggest boondoggle. Amtrak lost $700 million last year despite $1 billion in emergency cash, and nearly $30 million in the year before. It's a dying mode of transportation. He wants back on the Atchison, Topeka, and the Santa Fe, when he should be exploring flying cars and self-driving vehicle highways. That's forward-looking. He says it's a once-in-a-lifetime investment. No, it's a lifetime investment, Laura, $81 billion so far. And as you said earlier, no profit turned.

INGRAHAM: Raymond, he plays with those little train sets in the Oval Office, and he imagines himself riding the rails once again. What else?

ARROYO: Today, the president and Dr. Jill Biden visited a school in Virginia to push his teacher union funded -- I mean his public education and school expansion plan. Perhaps a speechwriter stimulus is what's really need.


JOE BIDEN, (D) PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Just like, ah -- just like the lovely lady in blue over here is a professor at community college.

There's so much that happens when they don't have the certitude and the companionship and the familiarity to be with their friends. There's an awful lot of need in this pandemic for mental health facilities.

If I didn't have these positions, I would be sleeping in the Lincoln bedroom rather than the vice president's -- the president's bedroom.


ARROYO: Laura, he said Jill keeps telling him, any country that out educates us will outcompete us. But the Biden plan would pay for illegals to go to the college for free. I don't see how that helps America, but maybe it helps other countries.

INGRAHAM: I kept thinking Jill was going to come by and say the tapioca is now being offered in the library.

ARROYO: Just pet Champ. You'll be find.

INGRAHAM: God bless. Raymond, thank you.

Now, this breaking news from today should alarm all conservatives. The Biden administration is considering a partnership with private companies to monitor extremists -- Trump voters. I wonder who is going to fit that role. Jim Jordan is here next with a can't miss reaction.


INGRAHAM: The Biden DHS is considering a disturbing new way to neutralize what it sees as our country's greatest threat. It's not China. It's not our porous border. It's you, the 74 million Americans who did not vote for Joe. According to CNN, that DHS is mulling whether or not to hire outside groups to infiltrate and monitor private messaging apps for domestic extremist chatter. If that wasn't terrifying enough, CNN says the DHS may team up with nonprofit groups to spy on Americans.

Joining me now, Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan, House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member. Congressman, if I were you, or maybe Rand Paul, I would gather every Republican on Capitol Hill, call an immediate press conference and demand hearings on this, and hold all these people up to scrutiny.

REP. JIM JORDAN, (R-OH) HOUSE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE RANKING MEMBER: You are exactly right, Laura. And put this in context with the couple you just had a few minutes ago who the FBI raids their home, to then the FBI going after the president's lawyer, raiding his home, and now we have this. But frankly, it shouldn't surprise us. Remember, the Obama/Biden administration is the same administration that used the IRS to target people like you and I and all your viewers. The Obama-Biden administration used the FBI to target President Trump's campaign, and now they're looking at ways they can, as you said, spy on all of pus. So you are exactly right. We need hearings. Let's see if the Democrats will do it. I don't think they will, but we are going to be calling for them.

INGRAHAM: A former FBI agent, Congressman, addressed this idea of supposed domestic terror threats. Watch?


CLINT WATTS, FORMER FBI AGENT, MSNBC NATIONAL SECURITY CONTRIBUTOR: There's also been a lull in the system because they have waited to hear what Donald Trump will say. And he has been remarkably quiet in the past couple months. But they will either wait for him to give some sort of thoughts about what the direction of their movement should be or they will strike out on their own. And we saw this dynamic happen with international terrorism where you had a number of splinters, for example, after Usama bin Laden died 10 years ago.


INGRAHAM: OK, Congressman, this former FBI agent is basically describing President Trump as his own sleeper cell.

JORDAN: This is ridiculous. But that's how the left views regular Americans who vote Republican, who supported President Trump. It is completely ridiculous. But understand, Laura, the story that came out today on this, they talked about people posing at someone else online. So posing as someone else to get your information, have communications with you, and then share that information with the government. That is unconstitutional.

But it's exactly what they did in the whole Trump-Russia collusion thing when they had Azra Turk pose as someone else and go cozy up to George Papadopoulos. Remember this? This is how this whole thing started with the FBI spying. So now they are taking it online and coming after regular Americans who happened to vote Republican. This is frightening where they want to go. And again, when you put it in context with all the other things we have seen just in the last few weeks, and just in the last few years, that is what should really cause concern, and that's why, as you pointed out, we need to have hearings on this.

INGRAHAM: Yes, the Patriot Act, this all stems -- they're going to cite the Patriot Act, right? The Patriot Act is a never-ending resource of supposed federal rights to violate yours. The feds, though, seem to be teaming up, Congressman, with big tech, we understand, to hunt down alleged Capitol rioters. And last month the FBI found a man who allegedly assaulted an officer on January 6th. The FBI ran an image of Stephen Chase Randolph through an open source facial comparison tool that had been known to provide reliable results in the past. But Congressman, isn't there an issue with probable cause being determined by some shoddy facial recognition technology?

JORDAN: Wasn't that what they supposedly used for the couple you just had on from Alaska? Come on, that is not consistent with the Fourth Amendment, that's not consistent with the Bill of Rights, that's not consistent with the Constitution. But remember, Laura, we said this for the last a couple of years, we said it on your show and others, if they can do it to a president of the United States, if they can do it to a three-star general, Michael Flynn, imagine what they can do that at you and I. And now we are seeing it play out. The couple from Alaska saw it. The president's lawyer saw it. Now --

INGRAHAM: Congress, thank you. Thank you for being here tonight.

In moments, a new feature -- "Biden by the Numbers."



JOE BIDEN, (D) PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: What am I doing here? I'm going to lose track here.


INGRAHAM: It's time for "Biden by the Numbers." Today, President Biden brought the full force of his accounting prowess against critics of his oppressive tax plan.


JOE BIDEN, (D) PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I keep hearing in the press Biden is going to raise your taxes. Anybody making less than $400,000 a year will not pay a single penny in taxes.




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