Karl Rove: People will want to 'see and hear a little bit more' from Biden as coronavirus exits headlines

Former deputy White House chief of staff and Fox News contributor Karl Rove told "Bill Hemmer Reports" Tuesday that former Vice President Joe Biden's public reemergence Monday was a chance for the presumptive Democratic nominee to make a low-risk appearance after being confined to virtual rallies and remote interviews for more than two months.

Host Bill Hemmer had asked Rove if the Biden campaign would have been tempted to "dig in and ride it out" given the former vice president's consistent lead over President Trump in the national polls.

"I think they’ve said, 'As long as it’s working, let’s keep doing it,'" Rove said, "[But] I think they recognize, at some point, just the chatter about him only being seen broadcasting from his rec room would begin to bite.

"They wanted to start to move before that. So for, Memorial Day, [to] have him go to the Delaware Memorial to the fallen and have him start to be seen -- The question is, are they going to be able to sustain it? Keep it up? They probably need to do it."

Rove added that due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and other considerations, Biden and his team have to return to the campaign trail "gingerly." Trump has already expressed interest in resuming his signature campaign rallies.


"People do want to start to see and hear a little bit more from Joe Biden as coronavirus stops taking all the oxygen out of the air, if you will, in our political discussions," he said.

However, Rove warned that Biden's recent public remarks should be a source of concern for his handlers.

"I’ve been reading a lot of those and if I were inside the Biden high command," he said,  "I’d be very nervous about what I’m seeing in those transcripts."

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