As Blizzard's release of Diablo Immortal has shown


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  • It's important to remember that this isn't a 1:1 comparison D2R ladder items since they're from various analysts and all are based on a single week instead of the initial two weeks in Diablo Immortal. However, it's evident that overall, the numbers are pretty close.

    Although it's doing quite well on the financial front, Diablo Immortal has been received with mixed reviews from critics and fans alike because of its microtransactions system, which many have accused of being predatory. GameSpot's Diablo Immortal review noted that the game's core is a blast, but once you hit the end game, the sudden grind for high-quality loot aimed at steering players toward spending cash can feel off-putting.

    "But it's still a service you can enjoy without needing to wade through the chaos of menus and lists requiring you to tap a few buttons to earn a myriad rewards day in and day out, as long as you're comfortable with the fact that you can't complete the task in a few sittings," the review concludes.

    Torchlight Infinite is looking to translate the addictive dungeon crawling and loot farming of the well-known arcade and PC ArPG to iOS as well as Android devices. Currently in closed beta, Torchlight Infinite developer XD Inc. recently announced that the free-to play mobile ARPG will launch into open beta this fall. The same time, XD also revealed the game's sixth launch hero playable the Oracle Thea.

    As Blizzard's release of Diablo Immortal has shown, making an earlier PC-based ARPG accessible to mobile may be difficult. While it's impossible to say whether Torchlight Infinite will succeed on that front yet, it's clear XD's take of the franchise will try to draw in both new players as well as veteran fans that have enjoyed the previous series. Set 200 years after Torchlight II the game will offer familiar classes, abilities, and environments that are familiar to those who have played the franchise buy d2r items, but there's plenty new characters and systems for fans to explore.

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