The team is becoming more efficient by WOTLK Classic

The team is becoming more efficient by WOTLK Classic


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  • Travis Day: Things are exceptionally smooth at WOTLK Classic Gold present. We're actually feeling great the situation is in a really good place from a standpoint of production. I started the initial planning of this and the complete patch schedule for Legion at the end of february, or March...Part of our efforts is to have things organized early and ensure we can actually meet the cadence that we have been working to meet to make sure that the content is out. This is so that we can avoid any crazy exercises or anything along these like that.

    I've had conversations with the team on this before and it's evident that you are able to maintain this crazy level of content without killing yourselves or your team. How did you manage to maintain this pace?

    TD I'm sure everyone has a look at me, as the producer. It's two different things. We've seen the team grow in the past, which means that the team keeps getting bigger, and it's capable of being able to accommodate more content. Another aspect we've been working on is really focusing on improving our skills as well as improving our planning on how we design these patches and how we build for the future.

    The team is becoming more efficient, and the team is getting bigger. But with a product as popular as WoW there are some who had worked on console games in the past. And you've got everything preparing to launch and then there's the big release followed by the team has to figure out what to do next. There's always something to make a decision on the next step for WoW. There's always some big important tale to tell or piece of content to present. Therefore, it's crucial to us, as a producer, to establish a sensible and acceptable pace for players as well as the development team, as it's an event, not a sprint.

    It's also been a busy time for Gaming in general. At the Game Spot office, and certain activities have come to a standstill due to an upcoming game called Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I do remember Jeff Kaplan in an interview spoke about the time when he worked on the WoW Team I believe it was a Battlefield Vietnam release, where the entire office took a week out to play the game. Has Breath of the Wild had an effect on the development of the game or how you do in your spare time?

    Ryan Shwayder: We don't think it's true. We're all gamers at heart We're gamers all the time buy WOW WOTLK Classic Gold . Therefore, if something comes out that means maybe we shift which type of game is playing the moment, but it doesn't mean we stop what we're doing and suddenly start playing games. We are playing them nearly every single day. We're still gamer-nerds, even though we make games for a living.

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