RuneScape 3: The Top 15 Hardest Bosses in the world, ranked

RuneScape 3: The Top 15 Hardest Bosses in the world, ranked


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  • Bossing is among the most enjoyable activities you can do on Runescape3. A lot of players grind their accounts precisely because they wish to be bossed at some point.Bossing can be amazing for earning money in Runescape and for locating the most beautiful pets, and to obtain certain items from ironman accounts. In this RS3 guides on bossing is the ultimate easy-to-use resource to help you start off by bossing.

    Vorago is an enormous and powerful being born from Gielinor's anima Mundi. He used to wreak havoc in the past, before being defeated by the maul of omens and fell into a lengthy rest to restore his strength. Then he reemerged during the Sixth Age, although he became more welcoming to adventurers and began asking challenges in combat to prepare himself for combat against the gods' menace on Gielinor. Indeed, Vorago is a mighty adversary when it comes to combat, having various tactics and weapons available to him that are constantly changing to offer a varied fight for players. The game requires teamwork among players, as Vorago is a complex Mechanic that require coordination in a team to handle properly. Vorago drops Seismic wand, Seismic singularity, two-wielded level 90 Magic weapons and Tectonic Energy, which can be used to make Tectonic armour that is level 91+ Runecrafting the tier 90 magic power armor.

    Solak, the Grove Guardian, is an anima being called a walker who was assigned by Guthix to defend The Lost Grove from those who wanted to wield its power. At the end of the Sixth Age, he had fallen under the control of an elf known as Erethdor, who had succeeded in gaining control of Solak's mind. With Solak's power now at his disposal, Erethdor uses the full potential of the grove guardians' arsenal against his foes, many of which inflict unique blight damage. Players are battling alongside Merethiel the sister of Erethdor, in a planned group size of between 2-7 players to get rid of his power over Solak. He is considered to be among the most difficult group bosses, in part due to his mechanics being very punishing to the entire group if even one player is caught out. Upon destroying Erethdor for good and releasing Solak from his control, Merethiel will reward each of her champions with a wealth of items, including the Blightbound crossbow and its off-hand variant, a dual-wielded level 92 weaponry, as well as the grimoire, a highly effective accessory for a pocket. Merethiel can also reward players with cosmetic items that unlock the stave and the blightbound lasher pet. She can also sometimes offer players an ointment made of cinderbane or an ritual shard of elven.

    Barrows Rise of the Six Rise of the Six is an enhanced version of the original Barrows minigame. Players battle six Barrows brothers at once, with three brothers on two sides separated by a shadow portal situated in the same room. They've been boosted through Sliske's experiments in Shadow Realm. The brothers have been massively improved and , in terms of difficulty, on par with Vorago. If all the brothers die in battle, the chest can be taken. There are loots that can be found, including level 90 shields and Malevolent Energy, which is used to create Malevolent armour as well as tier 90 melee strength armour with level 91+ Smithing.

    Araxxor is a massive araxyte spider found at the Araxyte Hive and its cousin Araxxi Both are hated by the vampyres. Players are able to "customise" the battle by choosing different routes, which are changed every four days. Araxxor is primarily fighting with one of the three types of combat that are available for each encounter. They can be you are forced to choose the one that is weak to the player if an Araxyte pheromone is present in the inventory. It's a battle to the deathbecause there is no exit option when entering the den, and players are unable to teleport out of the hive until Araxxi is defeated. Offering a broad range of mechanics, they also feature an enrage mechanism where consecutive kills and certain mechanics can cause Araxxor and Araxxi's enrage to increase, capping at 300%, which increases the damage from their regular attacks as well as their special attacks. However, it is reset to zero% at the start of each day, or if an Araxyte pheromone goes out. Araxxi is able to drop components of Noxious weaponry, level 90 two-handed weapons.

    The Kalphite King has the distinction of being the king of the exiled kalphites, found in the Exiled Kalphite Hive south-east of the Bandit Camp Lodestone in the desert. A boss who was the very first to utilize the techniques that are part of the Evolution of Combat, the Kalphite King utilises many abilities and mechanics, including charging, digging and one-hit strikes. Also, he is able to modify his attack and weak points throughout the fight, using various skills for each type of. It is known for dropping Drygore weapons, which are level 90 main and offhand melee weapons in three different styles, maces, rapiers and longswords as well as the best chitin, an item required to build level 90 defenders.

    The WildyWyrm may occasionally spawn in place of a regular lava Strykewyrm. They are capable of roaming across the entire Wilderness and have similar attack mechanisms as normal lava strykewyrms despite they are far more powerful than their counterparts in normal lava. They share their own unique drops, including the wyrm's heart as well as the wyrm spike, wyrm heart and scalp, with their counterparts, but with a higher rate of drop. Everyone who is involved in the fight against WildyWyrm will be awarded their own items, but only one person can get a unique drop per defeat.

    The queen Black Dragon is the first dragon created by Kerapac. It is situated in the midst in the Grotworm Lair, requiring 60 summoning to fight her. She can only be defeated in a single battle, and is able to attack her adversaries with a variety of special attacks , as well as dangerous dragonfire. It is necessary to make use of an anti-dragon shield , or super antifire potions in order to withstand the fire. She fights in four different stages. At the end of each the player has to use an item. The Queen Black Dragon cannot be killed and instead, after the fourth artefact is activated, she will return to her sleep and the fight will cease which will allow the player to go into the rewards area and to open the coffer. Alongside her usual rewards, she can also drop the rare Dragon kiteshield, Dragonbone Upgrade Kit, and pieces made of Royal crossbow. As she is Black Dragon, she may drop a draconic-looking face and black dragon eggs to the farm owned by the player.

    Corporeal Beast Corporeal Beast represents the physical manifestation of the Spirit Beast it was created as an opposite consequence of the destruction of the spirit beast in the spirit realm. It is able to be fought following the conclusion of the Summer's End. With a combat skill of 785 an opponent, this Corporeal Beast is not meant to be taken lightly. It has extremely powerful attacks with a high level of defence and 50% less the damage of all weapons, excluding spears. It also has the unique power to consume summoning friends and ward off players using a combat-related companion or monster of burden to assist in their fight. The players who can conquer the beast will be reward themselves with the spirit shield or holy elixir to create its blessed variation. Corporeal Beast Corporeal Beast is more notably the only creature to drop sigils for upgrading an already blessed spirit shield into the spectral, divine arcane or elysian spirit shield. Apart from the spectral shield, these shields can provide damage shaving effects that are a cost of Prayer.

    Oreb the Magister is Nomad's former master who has now found his way to the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon and is waiting for his victim at First Gate of the Grim Underworld. It requires a level of 115 Slayer to be defeated, the Magister is a powerful adversary that utilises the corruption mechanic found within the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon, and is also able to drain the player's Constitution level by reducing their maximum lifepoints and the amount restored from food. The Magister must be defeated on his own with one Key to the Crossing must be sacrificed during each battle. His most famous drop is phylactery. It can be broken to get fragments of scripture that can be used to make blessings. These blessings can be used to improve the Khopesh of the Kharidian and its off-hand to the Khopesh made by Tumeken and Elidinis, which are dual-wielded tier 92 melee weapons. Magister also drops exclusive gloves of passage, which are melee power gloves tier 85 that increase the next ability's damage by 7 percent after Havoc is activated.

    Raksha is an old dinosaur that transformed into a shadow colossus following encounters with Codex. He was accidentally transported to present day by Kerapac along with Anachronia's rest using the Needle and was able to re-awaken from his coma thanks to Kerapac's creation of a shadow anima. Under the direction of Raksha's custodian, The Keeper, players may engage in a battle against the shadow giant in a solo or duo instance. Raksha fights with slow but effective attacks from three different types of combat, requiring frequent prayer switches throughout the battle to survive and take on the other mechanisms. When you defeat Raksha The Keeper could award players with ability codices to unlock the Divert ability, as well as the higher versions that include Ricochet and Chain. The Keeper is also able to award laceration boots or blast diffusion boots, which can be obtained from slayer creatures on Anachronia or the special fleeting boots, which can only be gained by beating Raksha. Finally, The Keeper can give shadow spikes that could be utilized to transform any three of the aforementioned boots to more powerful versions and increase them from tier 80 to 90 tiers.

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